302 Google Hijack Removal Guide

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Idaho gives a lesson
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Idaho at WMW has put together a pretty complete guide how he got himself out of 302 hijack hell!

Definately worth reading, saving and printing. Just in case

See also:


thats interesting

I wonder how fast the hijacker will be able to do it again?


no other comments on this? it seems kinda risky to me.

also, if this method does work, it proves (maybe?) that google is broke in regards to this issue and sees these 302 redirect pages as the page they redirect to...

yes, it's confusing to explain ;)

The method works...

..at least to the extent that I can remove bucket loads of these pages that are pointing 302s at me.

Googles only advice to me was to asked the site concerned if they would mind terribly removing the 302!

Some of my sites have been so badly killed by these b******s that I am past caring if these is a "risk". I have removed tham, period.

asking to remove is kinda lame, imho

for me, one is just some guy not knowing better. i do get traffic from it too, so i don't want to lose it. (niche directory...)

there has to be something 'big' we can do to get their attention. i tried me little story on k5 about it and even emailed them, but they told me something to the effect of, 'you're not being penalized, ask them to remove the link...' BS if you ask me.

i was doing so great until 12/16-12/17 then it was like they noticed they were giving me traffic and turned a knob off. my MSN and yahoo percentages are going up, but nowhere near the numbers google was sending me.

i don't know what to do at this point other than start investing in more domain names/servers/ips...

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