No more innovations from Google, Apple or Facebook?..

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Wade Roush at Xconomy has a fun insight into how we've passed peak Apple, peak Google, and peak Facebook:

...Apple will never again come out with a product as transformative as the iPhone. Google will never build anything more useful than its existing search engine, and it will never discover another business model as lucrative as search-based advertising. And Facebook may keep growing until every person on Earth with a computing device is a member, but it won’t ever be anything more than a place we share photos and links.

and then:

....You don’t reach this level of success by coming up with just a single earthshaking innovation—it usually takes two or more. Let’s spell it out. Google’s two fundamental innovations—now long behind it—were 1) if you look at the Web as a network of trust, defined mainly by links, you can use math to surface the best content, and 2) if you put related ads next to that content, people will click on them.

Who's next with the big thing in technology?


I could shoot some holes in

I could shoot some holes in Wade's assinine over generalization but I'll simplify it by pointing out that Apple's big innovation was actually the Apple II, then it was the MAC, then it was the iPod, then it was the iPhone.


Nope, Apple can never outdo itself as it's done it multiple times already just like Microsoft has which was left off the list.

Google has Android which IMO is just as big as Google Search at this point in history and Google Glass could make Google more dominant than ever but back to Wade's point it's leveraging Google Search data to make Andoird/Glass as popular as it is. However, when you're talking about building services based on the collected information of the entire planet, Google has a huge edge and they really don't need to do anything better that Google Search because it's enough to fuel them into the next century unless they mess it up and drop the ball to some newcomer.

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