Quiet out there isn't it....


Well, i've been finishing the redesign as you might have guessed :) We have 2 sponsors ready to go, and their ads are done and now im just working on the adsense (yeah, i was surprised they took me aswell heh..) - I got some nice help from a chap at G$ to setup and may have to speak again before i finally put it up..

Im hoping to do it tomorrow, but if the adsense still looks shite then i might wait till monday.

Other than that, I have been teaching Robyn (my 3mth old) the horsey game, she's now big enough to think it's very funny to sit on my knee and get bounced up and down like a mad thing - very funny indeed!

My dog Bailey who recently had an operation on her leg is now unofficially over it, she's going mental after 5wks on the lead while she recovers but it's a good sign things are on the mend and she even managed to jump over the neighbors garden fence to get a ball (with me being dragged over the fence in the process) today but no harm done. Hoping she can start out for gentle runs in a week or so...

Oh.. and i've been tentatively laying plans for new sites, not to take anything away from threadwatch but there are things that i want to write about that dont fit very well here, so im securing domains, and help where needed - if you have an idea of what might be good say so, if you want to do something on a subject of interest, talk to me!

You know the drill...

This is the weekend, free thread, tell us what you've been up to and generally waffle on about your weekend...


Tree trunk

Yeah, bailey is the same, looks dead silly heh...

sorry to hear about the accident, i take it this was a motorbike? Lucky it was only your leg!

Motorbike, yeah

was sideswiped by an inattentive motorist on the morning commute through London. No more 2 wheeled commuting for me!

I like this working from home malarkey though, more of this please. Hoping to join the bathrobe set asap. Not very good for my lungs however - have a tendency to chainsmoke when busy on the PC. At least its got me off my office sweetie addiction.

I feel Baileys pain...

Sorry to hear about Bailey Nick, glad to hear her recovery is going well.

I'm in a similar position myself, having broke my leg in a bike accident - within a few days of Bailey's by the sound of it.

The brace came off last Thursday, this weekend meant my version of being let off the lead and my first visit to a pub for 6 weeks. BIG day for me, these little milestones mean a lot on the road to recovery.

Just need to get used to my new body shape developed after 6 wks on crutches - one leg like a tree trunk,
one like a bit of string, and shoulders like Arnie ;-)

Going Live

The redesign will be going live shortly, im going to post about, then turn comments off while i upload - cross yer fingers...

LOL - I had to look that up...

...since I'm foreign.

But heh ;-) she obviously doesn't dig the benefits.

So, what are you going to buy her in return?

Chickens, rabbits and Rogaine

Seeing Nick and Dean talk about chickens reminded me of my 'job' when I was a kid which was to take care of our chickens. We had up to 1200 at a time and I would get sent outside to prepare a chicken for a meal at least once a week. They are truely stupid animals.

Fast forward 20 years and we now have a rabbit and a dog (German Shephard). I am amazed at how much work just these two critter take. I now have morning and evening chores - the same kind I swore I would not do when I became an adult.

My wife bought be a gift yesterday. She looked at me sort of sheepishly and said I might like it - a box of Rogaine.


Turns out it was Rogaine for women. Who knew?

Claus if you can take a long

Claus if you can take a long trip do it. Very liberating. I have been on the road now for about 10 years and have zero desire to go back to the States. Beside a lot of web work can be done remotely.

I once released...

...a couple of my pot plants back into the wild from the 11th floor.

A ficus (doing as fici do: shed) and a barf-green miniature conifer, they deserved it ;-) Selfless - hehe


Serious, don't view it as 'getting rid of' ... more 'releasing back into the wild'. It's a selfless act which I get minimal financial compensation for.


Nah, no comparison. Broken washing machines have way more melody. :)

What's wrong with Soulfly?*

...but yeh, Dusty? The word says it all really.

* I did get a complaint playing that at work one time, when people thought I was drilling a hole in concrete or running a broken washing machine. Great compliment of course for a metal band.

jetboy = bad boy

You're getting rid of Dusty CDs?

Man I'm still collecting them - have been for 40 years

Go for it Claus

I did it. I backpacked round South America for a year. Loved it.

If you can afford it for a while it will bring you back better and more productive.

been having deep thoughts

...like, should i grow a beard or shave... and should i stop doing any business for a while - i find making money quite boring sometimes. The same goes for making websites and programming software. I'd like to spend some more time on thinking, writing, art, and music in stead. Something a bit more creative than just solving problems for others, that is :)

This is my island in the sun

Sorry mate, never heard of it. ;)

well not this year :)

at least not unless you pull a miracle or two.

You do have better songs though, I'll give you that.

yeah thats the one

I used to love that when I was younger and have not heard it for ages

I wonder if Peter Kay has it penciled in for his next revival song :)

I've got 6 brothers and 1 tomboy sister so

there'll have to be a gang of you.

Actually, although I hate sports, I believe Scotland has actually qualified for the World Cup more than England. We never get very far when we arrive, but at least there was a plane on hand for the outward journey.

The closest we got to winning it was in Argentina. Aly (Manager and founder of the Tartan Army) convinced the entire nation that we were going to win the cup. We just hand to get the team's arses down there to bring it back. He really totally convinced the country of this (Kind of like Google saying that the new toolbar is good for the punters).

Unfortunately, we didn't win a game in Argentina and the country was gutted. Since then, the Tartan Army have travelled the world, drank the local beer to excess. Pretty much to a man, never got into trouble (unlike certain supporters) and the huge majority who never married a local made it back to the empty bank account. Then start saving again for our favourite home match during the Wembley weekend.

There are still 5 Scots living in Portugal since Celtic went there to become not only the 1st Scottish team, but the 1st British team to win the European Cup - at our primary school, we got a half day to watch the match and see the Lisbon Lions lift the cup.


The one that goes:

This is my island in the sun,
where my people have toiled since time begun,
I may sail on many a sea,
her shores will always be home to me,
oh island in the sun.

Is that the one you mean?

we will get him at playtime

dont worry Gurtie we will get him at playtime

he had to start playing dirty and draging up the past because Scotland dont have any world cup history and he knows Scotland alway book the return ticket the same time as the outward journey, normally about 4 days after they got there...

I dont know why they just dont bother turning up, that way they would save money and be able to pay for a decent manager

have you got this on CD

hey jetboy have you got "This is my island in the sun" by Harry Belafonte

fighting panic attacks..

Been having panic attacks all weekend...been trying to relax and get over it.

Another vote for eBay

Chucked a whole load of CDs on eBay yesterday - from Dusty Springfield to Soulfly [shudder], and carried on porting data from a big static site to a database with a lovely little regular expression gizmo called Textpipe Pro.

Scuba dived in a cold lake and hit the gym today. Sat around feeling feak and weeble since getting back home. Time to start on the regex again [sigh].


come on guys, I know Threadwatch is pretty relaxed about swearing but use of words like that is totally uncalled for.

Was your brother a little sod then

I remember 1977 like it was yesterday when the Tartan army removed the English turf and the goal posts and anything else what got in their way :)

I bet that little peice of grass looks superb making up the rest of your lawn hehe

Ebay for goalposts

I remember a couple of years ago, someone was selling a piece of the goalpost on Ebay. Can't remember how much it went for - but it did sell.

Tartan Army

Tartan army is really football. You must admit, throughout the years of being hammered they turn up year after year, without trouble and boosting the local economy.

But remember 1977 and of course their rendition of the old classic:

The Hokey Cokey

A special little number from down South American way. Well, actually, it originated in Sweden when the poetic muse descended upon Tom McEwan, Kenny Duffy, Danny McEwan, Eric Foy, Robert McHarg, Joe Miller and Alister Gillander whilst having a piss outside of Norrkoping. Tom McEwan tells me he has many more verses, but considering the activity in which they were engaged in at the time of composition, I dread to think what they were sticking where next. There is a proverb which says that one shouldn't laugh at others misfortune, however this one has slipped through ...

You put your left hand in,
You put your left hand out,
You put your left hand in and you shake it all about,
You do the hokey cokey and you score a goal,
That's what it's all about,
Oh, Diego Maradona,
Oh, Diego Maradona,
Oh, Diego Maradona,
He put the English OUT, OUT, OUT!

I think we actually still have that piece of Wembley turf from the 1977 game. My brother hid it under his hat because the police were stopping all the Scotland buses going back to Scotland and arresting the people with turf and charging them with malicious damage.

I can't remember if the front garden was ever re-turfed but I don't think so. There is a part of our front garden in Edinburgh that will be forever England - until we get the driveway done.


Decided to take to look ay ebay with my business head on, 48 hours and a few quid lighter but hopefully much the wiser.

Scotland got hammered by England

thats the best news I have heard all week :)

what happened to the tartan army, all 6 of yer


I miss England so much...

Sunday Links

Im still fighting with my sound, so cant listen to the last one yet :( but if anyone has time to do a proper write up on that, or any of the others, go right ahead :) Im still on the redesign heh..

Changed Continents

I changed continents this weekend for a few weeks. My American wife is over the moon because she now has access to all her trash magazines, Coronation Street, Eastenders, Emmerdale, News of the World - she will now get up to date on who is shagging who in the field of British celebrity, what they are wearing, taking off, etc.

I have to deal with British keyboards on the computers in the office and it will take me a week to find the @ key and to remember that the shift key on the left hand side is only half the size of the American one.

I am not at the least surprised that Scotland got hammered by England yesterday and am sure that all welshmen are still drunk after winning the Triple Crown. I am sure that all the Irishmen who made the trip from wherever to Wales are probably all still drunk as well. That is the good thing about rugby - the supporters don't fight they just get drunk.

I had the long-awaited curry last night (you really can't get a good curry anywhere in New York no matter how much money you pay) and will spend today watching the omnibus of coronation street whilst working on my rather nifty eLoneX.

And for Nick's sake, I am also really excited about the redesign and will keep visiting all day to see who the advertisers are.

First day of spring-like weather...

... so the meltwater is running down the mountainsides and lower-lying villages are issuing flood warnings.

And the tedium of finishing off a site (done all the interesting bits, now I'm just working on labels, fieldsets and error-handling!!) will be replaced by nailbiting tension (well, for me at least) at 17.00 central Euro time with the national ice-hockey play-offs live and the Merseyside derby on SMS.

Pretty typical here

Not too much going on here. My oldest is still in Florida where she went to a spring training Red Sox game the other day. I haven't talked to her much since being down there. The house is a lot less messy with her away though!

We drove my other daughter to a friend's house about 45 mins. away today. She lives on a farm and has horses and stuff, and I think she was gonna get to get up on one of the horses for a bit. She's sleeping over there tonight, so it was just my son home most of the day today. And it was his 12th bday!

We don't do a whole lot for bdays around here, and I still can't get him to tell me anything he wants for a present, so it was fairly uneventful. He got to stay home by himself and play on the computer all day with no one bugging him, as Dad and I went to a family gathering. (Tim's bday present was not having to go, I guess!)

Watched Bruce Almighty on DVD tonight. Good movie! And now back online which I like most of all! :-)

Cluck Clucks?

Meat? Egg Layers? Dual Purpose? Pets? Or just really cool looking chickens? Forgive me, I'm watching numbers scroll past, it looks like Hawking threw up on my monitors. I eventually end up sharing the analysis but while it is going on there's not much to do.

Chickens on the other hand, I can talk about. ;)

Ducks, grow damn FAST. They also make a huge mess because they need water to swallow their food. So they snatch some food, walk over to the font, swill down some water, shake it everyhwere, then walk back to the feeder, and so on...

I've got a pond and a creek, ducks seem to prefer the running water, so if you've got a creek, forget about the pond.

After I get the coop built and fenced I'll share some pics. This is a weather coop, with no outside boxes so it will look more like a shed than a coop, except on the inside. Pics of the baby donkey forthcoming as soon as Belle accommodates.

Working on a module

for Bioware's NWN game - with a team of like-minded folks, and a very nice Brit who's written a modifications script to make the game play with an actual party of PCs, even without online multi-player. Something different....

Also sorting out some inconsistencies in the wordpress files as to why the new theme setup was reloading only the original default theme if one clicked on the "home" header-linkage stuff....

Watching it snow. Making pizza. Buying domain names - my husband's NOT going to be happy....


We have a chicken run at the new house, we move in may 1st and are gunna have cluck clucks! cool..

I dont know a damn thing about them, but i want ducks aswell, so will have to build a pond for next year i guess :)

I want to see the pics of the baby donkey when s/he arives DG...

No Baby Donkey Yet

So this weekend was devoted to chickens. An 8x12 coop with three roosts, and 12 nesting boxes. To go along with that, I had to dig fencepost holes to enclose a 50x100 foot area, divided into two yards. 20 holes. One gate.

Raising Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, Black Sex-links, (yep, those are chickens) ;), Buff Brahma Bantams and some little chickens with racing stripes that I'm clueless about. I've been raising 6 ducks along with the chickens in the brooder and it is time to move them all outside and get them out of my basement.

Tonight I'm oiling all the saddles and tack to get ready for Spring riding. I found a stud for my triple-registered Paint, so hopefully, next year she'll throw a nice colt.

I still have 14 acres to fence for goats and it's about time to fertilize the hayfield and turn up the garden.

Glad to hear Bailey is doing better. I can't stand to think about animals in pain and it seems I've always got at least one dog with a limp. Sounds like Bailey is recovering nicely. I had one break a leg last week in a fence but it was a clean break and she'll be fine in about 6 weeks.

I still have one orphaned goat in the house and it has taken to head-butting Molly, the most timid dog of the bunch. Good thing really because head-butting Maggie would probably mean a quick end for the goat.

Been running analysis for weeks now and I'm getting tired of seeing the data scroll past. So this summer I'm going to see if I can stay on a bull for 8 seconds. That should break things up a bit. (or break me up a bit, which). ;)