Social media's role in customer service - big brands clue in


Big companies NEED to use social media as a customer service tool.  Social media works best for carrying on a conversation, not for sales, so this isn't surprising.

Comcast, Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Hilton, Sheraton - all businesses I have personally had conversations with around issues in the past 6 months - all via social media. Granted, not all issues are resolved by those teams, but what  agreat way to protect your brand and make me feel engaged. :)

Heck, just a few years back, xBox set a world's record for customer service using Twitter:



The Best Social Media are People talking to People ...

This is where Google has been falling down.  Good customer service and conversations on social media are not scaleable.  You've got to have the people and give them time to interact with the real people 'out there'.

Google is trying to make Google Plus into a social medium.  They encourage Googlers to get involved.  I wonder if performance ratings are based on how much any Googler is picking up that task.  Perhaps they should specify that any Googler should be spending 2% of their time on Google Plus (or other social media).  That seems very small when compared with how much time they are allowed to spend on clever research ideas.  :)

I disagree with a small part...

of your response, Barry.

"Google is trying to make Google Plus into a social medium."

I don't believe it was ever intended to be a social media platform... I think it is, and always was intended to be nothing more than an information-gathering platform.

Lift that bale... build that graph!

As a customer communication

As a customer communication channel? With just 140 chrs on Twitter? Come on, someone tell me they are joking.

In fact, can anyone show me any report that Twitter works for real world direct marketing? Seems everyone is using it - for no other reason that everyone else is using it. But nobody is actually saying anything - except social media companies trying to scare brands into thinking they need to buy their services.

Comcastcare showed how Twitter could display dissatisfactions. .

I believe Comcastcare showed how you can pick up the frustrations of customers, if you do that consistently. Hashtags are the signposts that any company that cares can monitor to spot dissatisfactions.  If you have created a customer, that was a major achievement.  If in rare cases, that customer is not happy, you may create a product evangelist by making it right.  From what I saw, Comcastcare seemed to do that.

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