Google changes its advice *Build quality sites not links*


Barry Schwartz reported on this in Search Engine Land but it was originally spotted by Erik Baeumlisberge



Crap advice. The best quality website won't rank anywhere without links.

perhaps today...

but if/when/to-a-greater-degree they phase in agent rank, so that authority is conveyed between entities, that will be nearly impossible to game, unlike links. I agree that links will never disappear, I just think they'll have a decreasing (perhaps even zero) impact as a ranking factor. As a signal, they'll surely still exist.

Read the lips. Perhaps PageRank is being abandoned. ...

Google could hardly come out and say we are no longer using the PageRank approach to any significant extent in the search algorithms.  Just imagine the loss of face.  However perhaps this is what we should read between the lines here. :)

Classic pagerank? Probably.

Classic pagerank? Probably. Eventually. But more likely we're going to see a true blend of pagerank, author rank, and whatever else they implement down the road.

Standard links will still hold value, it doesn't make any sense to ignore them. The emphasis will likely be put on "who's talking about this site" and what their authority metrics are in relation to the topic. Have a ton of low-med value links that don't have much social visibility? You're going to lose out to someone with less links from more authoritative/socially active circles. This is ignoring niches that are less socially active, which is likely the final challenge to rolling everything out across the board.

This update is just a slight change in wording, but the shift has been in the works for a while.

The only way Google can

The only way Google can really eliminate spammy results is lessen their alog's reliability on back links.

I get where they are coming from

I do not doubt that the link graph will remain as an essential part of the algorithm - whether it be classic linking citation or twitter/ facebook , etc citations. I do see it as true that they want you to focus on building a quality website.

however, now that Google has chrome and the google toolbar, they can now understand quality indicators much better then was possible prior....

I think the jury is still out on agent rank. I think that if agent rank is not already here as a ranking indicator, it is definitely coming.

Overall...I think the big shift is that google is shifting from ranking pages to ranking domains....and ranking domains have become more than onsite fundimentals and links...

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