What does it feel like to go viral?


Reading this post about accidentally going viral and how it hard then to get rid of the fear that was your hugest accomplishment in life (and it passed), I thought to find more case studies like this (sorry, this one is not about Google)

So what do we get for going viral? That may depend, but apart from the pressure of not making all your further content as successful, those are mostly good things...

I remember a few years ago, I was referenced by NYTimes and enjoyed a quick moment of fame... What did I get from it besides thousands of clicks? None of the people coming actually became my client or even a connection / follower... So what did I get? I got known in my industry as someone who was referenced in NYTimes (that's the heck of a link) which turned out to be very good for my business and brand, so I can't complain! :)

Do you have any other personal case studies of going viral?

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I have had a few things go viral

The stuff I have that goes viral usually starts at Reddit and then slowly it starts hitting twitter and FB. I have had server melt downs a few times were there has been so much traffic that the servers can't take it so now I use AWS for any site that have a chance of going viral.

I have had servers get 50k+ request a second, sounds like fun but it isn't when the sites sitting on a $40 a month vps or on a 5 year old dedictaed server. you learn from your mistakes and you move on :)

one thing I will add though

If you are running cheaper vps system then to give yourself a chance install nginx and get rid of Apache. Even the Googler tweaked version of Apache. To really bullet proof your vps against spikes in traffic add Varnish to the mix.

For a run down on how to do this go here http://www.ewanleith.com/blog/900/10-million-hits-a-day-with-wordpress-using-a-15-server . Not my site but this guy has helped me a lot! I have setup some cheap vps systems for clients that can take a beating. Some blitz.io tests say I could easily take 2 million visitors a day. 

Pro tip when looking for a cheap vps (IE not AWS) then get one that uses ssd's and not hdd's like Ramnode.

Most will not benefit because

Many don't stand a chance because when they get mentioned on some major site and the traffic comes their hosting company takes their site down  for going over their allowance.

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