G article answers a number of questions on backlinks and reconsideration requests


Google again stresses that the only thing you need to use is the GWMT links data and to look for "patterns" in backlinks . They also reiterate that you only need to file for manual actions....check out the article here..



They alwasys sound like they

They always sound like they are trying to spread even *more* fear and confusion :) "Using the links found in Google Webmaster Tools, we recommend looking for patterns that point to general issues that are worth resolving"

The GWT data is just even more useless now: It is showing a bunch of nofollow blog comments, so what they should be resolved now? This is a "pattern"? :)

there are a lot of weird things going on with their link data

I noticed that when you export the data at different times (like days or so apart) the data set is a little bit different...literally different number of rows and different sampling of links WTF ....sometimes I wonder if they're developing this process literally AS they're trying to teach people how to use them ...

We've noticed it too.

We've noticed it too. Sometimes we just keep downloading daily reports and they are different EACH hour!


I feel so bad about poor webmaster owner. There's so much confusion and fear online... Here's a good one about the problem with identifying problem links by Julie Joyce http://searchengineland.com/the-problem-with-identifying-problem-links-163602

those tools are scary in the wrong hands!

I definitely agree with Julie, I wonder how often webmasters throw out the link baby with the bath water....

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