So which links should I really Disavow?


There's a very interesting thread over at WebmasterWorld discussing what links one should really disavow / remove?

Some replies:

Nofollowed links! (Those links are often nofollowed, adding them in disavow won't hurt ! )

Scraper's sites (Probably. Google would argue they know the source of a document and will filter out those scrapers. But everyone knows it's way far from 100%. )

What else?


I could be wrong, but I

I could be wrong, but I always thought of disavow as more of a political move than anything - useful if a site was heavily penalised (not just poor rankings), rather than a tool to clear up your link crappy profile.


Something like, 'fair enough Google, we've been caught cheating, you can see we've removed loads of links, but we couldn't contact the others so please disavow these ones'.


I.e. Show you've made the effort to clean up your act, and use disavow to force the issue with Google.


Guessing game with bad outcome

Thanks for sharing this, Ann. I am currently absolutely sick of trying to guess which links Google doesn't like and which are ok. Most are going to end up shooting themselves in the foot because this is impossible. We can't read their minds. This is one of those tasks where if you ask ten people you can get ten different answers.


And I absolutely don't believe that Google won't eventually penalize those whose sites end up on disavow lists. That is what they say, but I do not believe them. This is a great way to find more sites to kill - and they don't care about collateral damage because the end game is to only have major corporations left standing anyway.

How much damage is Google doing to small businesses? See this

You be the judge. I just received this request via my contact form:

" We got hit with google update and looking to come out of it. We are not sure whch  link(s) harms our site but we have decided to remove all links pointing our site.Here the details of link pointing our site."

I sent them some links in hopes they do not actually remove every link pointing at their site.



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