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Aaron Wall (seobook) reports on a whole new slew of seo forums - two of which have offered to pay him to moderate! heh! I know he finds that funny, so do i ;-)

Pick of the bunch is SEO Zip run by Threadwatch member nandini - Go check it out.

Seems everyone and his dog has an seo forum these days doesnt it? - not a bad think IMO, there was a time when there was only wmw really worth visiting..


The more the better

.... the more there are, the more difficult it is for Googleguy and his cronies to keep tabs on whats going on ;)

Side note:

Where does Googleguy post (apart from WMW)? Does he/she have alter egos? Just out of interest, I'm not a groupie ;)

Only at wmw I beleive but I k

Only at wmw I beleive but I know someone with the nick Googleguy is registered at sew...

Cutts likes his following at wmw, or at least he used to, havent heard much of him recently (but maybe i just missed it..)

GG is quiet

good ole GG has been very quiet since the IPO (actually since the quiet period before the IPO). Likely the lawyers told him to keep his yap shut :)

With ya...

Nice to see you post oil ;)

I sometimes feel a bit mean picking on him as im wont to do heh.. he's most likely a very nice chap, but all those ah.. let's not get into it... used to really annoy me LoL

He's been lurking. See the j

He's been lurking. See the join date.


Has he posted over at wmw also?

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