Ted Ulle (Tedster) - A community legend, passes.


We've lost one of the most respected members of our community. Ted Ulle (Tedster), passed away late last week.Neil Marshall (Engine), sent me the below in an email earlier today, I think he says things perfectly.

We have lost a fantastic mentor and a great man.The best we can  do is to keep his legacy alive by upholding his standards and by being generous in everything we do. Giving back is far more important in the is world than taking. Nobody gave more or helped more people than Ted, imho.

He will be missed by so many.

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Thank you.

I didn't know him personally, but thank you for letting us know. I'm sure many were not aware and will miss his insights.

Ted was definitely an icon,

Ted was definitely an icon, although I'm sure he'd have pooh-poohed the idea. The help he so freely offered to anyone that needed it will be missed, but losing him is what really leaves a hole. 

He will be missed

Wow! I met Ted and I can tell you, his quiet demeanor didn't hide the fact he had a brilliant mind. He will be missed in our industry. 

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