Alta Vista and Google Reader: Two more grave stones in the Internet Graveyard


In a press release buried between a flurry of other closings, Yahoo! announced that they were saying bye-bye to Alta Vista on July 8th (Frankly, am I the only one that is suprised that it is still around?)

Also, today - July 1 - is your last day to use Google Reader ....however, like always, there is a newer provider  who is trying to grab a slice of the action :)


I am with you on the "Wasn't

I am with you on the "Wasn't it dead for a while?" sentiment?

As for G Reader, it's sad. It was a good tool... They could have at least kept it for current users... No huge investment

I'm not sure that there is

I'm not sure that there is any more cost than the domain registration at this point. It runs on Yahoo! search results. Maybe they will let me buy the domain for $50?


I think Google is just so much more commerically focused....I think it is when products like this go away it shows how much more bottom line focused google has become...I remember when Google Labs and igoogle went away....I had a little bit of a WTF moment about much resources does it take to support google sets. Aw-well..

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