(When will it happen and) who will stop Google?


There's a good summary [warning: I got a few annoying popups after going there] of how Google controls the web: I like the collection of links going out because they did give me a good background of the whole rant:

Google, the company with the motto “Don’t be evil,” is rapidly becoming an empire. Not an empire of territory, as was Rome or the Soviet Union, but an empire controlling our access to data and our data itself. Antitrust lawsuits proliferating around the company demonstrate its quest for monopoly control over information in the information age. Its search engine has become indispensable for most of us, and as Google critic and media professor Siva Vaidhyanathan puts it in his 2012 book The Googlization of Everything, “[W]e now allow Google to determine what is important, relevant, and true on the Web and in the world. We trust and believe that Google acts in our best interest. But we have surrendered control over the values, methods, and processes that make sense of our information ecosystem.” And that’s just the search engine.

Now, we've all heard this before and not once. I liked going through comments as well:

  • Technically savvy, smart but uneducated with little or no sense of history, overpaid with a sense of entitlement, young, rarely challenged by the vagaries of life, little sense of philanthropy and less empathy - the characteristics of the new technology elite.
  •  Google doesn't rule the Internet World - consumers do. They have only as much power as are allowed to them through consent. But, consumers, in general, are passive about snooping. Any conversation I've had about it in day to day conversation has been a tone of resignation.
  • Maybe you don't like everything that google does, but you're free as a consumer to choose a different service or services. Everyone goes back to google because their services are free, and they're damn good.

And many, many others...


Search should become non profit like mozilla

This is something I have argued for years now. Something so important to nearly every persons online existance should not be put in the hands of greedy men (and women). The first person to start a search engine in the wikipedia or more likely Mozilla model will get my custom instantly "EVEN IF IT IS NOT AS GOOD AS GOOGLE"

Nothing is likely to stop Google

Google appears to be "the" system into which all other systems will be merged. While it is possible by then the name may change, I suspect it won't. Those with money and influence do not want to stop them, and the masses are clueless about the danger of handing them so much power.

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