Jerry Yang of Yahoo! on the Future of Search

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Jerry's Take On What's Next in Search
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Search as a problem is still far from being solved. The user is in the driver's seat: they want an experience that is increasingly personal, more relevant, and ties into their task more integrally. Search is just a way to get that integrated experience, but it's all about what the users want - when they want it, how they want it, and who they want it from.

Jeremy hit on it in a recent blog entry; we have to "make search more relevant and personal." Those two things are the natural progression for search and they are tightly connected to our concept of seamless integration. Search has to reach a higher bar: it has to enhance the user's life on a daily basis. Integration of search, community, personalization and content builds the foundation for relevancy in people's lives.

I dont know about you but to me Y! just looks brighter and brighter every time I look at it...


I agree

I suppose it depends how you look at it, I think Google's strength lay in the view that there is *always* one best result for a search, I think they have moved away from that.

This battle of the giants will be interesting to track...


I have Y! in front.


Very dramatic diff. there...

What does it for me these days is the "feel" of Yahoo, the overall impression i have of them. Once i would have scoffed a little at Y vs G but now im finding myself not only thinking of Y as a contender rather than a poor relation but im rooting for them..

Perhaps it's the way they "sparkle" just a bit more for me, im a tech fan and this stuff about advanced news searches and generating RSS feeds from them (long been a backburner passion of mine rss..) just makes me look at them so differently these days..

Possibly they've just got the marketing and press pushing my buttons, but that's cool too...

I like their cartoons...

I guess everybody has his/her own reasons to like/dislike Yahoo. Most reasons are serps based, SEOers are quite egocentric about that. In that light, I'm not that fond of Y, although the MyY home page thing has a lot going for it... If only it had a regional version :)

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