Yahoo! image search now with Getty images


Yahoo! made an update today to show Getty images inside of their image search for travel related queries. The query they showed was 'seattle washington' and indeed it brings back a lot of Getty results. The new Getty images take up the first 2 rows of search results, followed by the Bing powered image results.

This should be a great revenue stream for Getty who is not monetizing the images directly, but will most likely be on the lookout of people using them without paying for the royalties and taking/threatening legal action.

more reading at Search Engine Land


So it used to be Flickr

So it used to be Flickr search, now it's Getty search... I preferred the first...

I'd agree with that. I'm not

I'd agree with that. I'm not sure what benefit Getty is getting out of except for the aforementioned ability to sue people for using their images.

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