How useful are link detox tools?


Barry Schwartz investigates if the Link Detox tool from Link Research Tools is valuable at all using a Google Webmaster Help forum post with actual link examples from a Google employee. The real gold is in the comments section where the tools builder, Christoph Cemper, jumps in and starts talking about the tool, recent updates, and how users of it should view the data it presents.

Personally I find the tool useful but would never take action based on it's recommendation alone. The tool come complete with an automatic link disavow creator that makes your link list based on their 'toxic' rating. This could be problematic if we get a lot of trigger happy SEOs and Google decides to use that data for anything besides just disavowing links. The best link tool is the Human Brain, thankfully Christoph agress and recommends a manual review of anything deemed 'toxic' or 'suspicious' by his tool.

check out the Link Detox tool for youreself here:

Any other link tools you'd recommend for link evaluation? Let us know in the comments.


I think we discussed these before

 I'd be interested to know how the 'toxic rating' , which looks at just specific standalone signals fits in with Googles recommendation to  actually look for patterns....

Although I am not here nor there on these tools, I feel people consistently underestimate the ability of these tools to sometimes hurt more than they help, because of highly simplified methodology. you'd be suprised how many times i've heard ...."i've submitted my disavow....traffic declined for my other pages..." etc. etc.



Well, we are currently

Well, we are currently testing out Link Detox now and in the first stages we will be monitoring any changes as a result of disavowing what LD would consider to be deadly/high risk links. So far it seems to be pretty good at picking up links from spammy directories and links produced from the likes of SEnuke. 

Generalized all bad links

Link Detox helped to identify a list of links we should look into but I'm not 100% on the classification of toxic, moderate, etc. I found some very harmful labeled as moderate and some completely harmless links classified as moderate. So a manual check is absolutely necessary especially if you are going to disavow. 

Link detox has some value

I find it has some value as a starting point and most links in the suspicous or dangerous are generally either of no value or are harmful. The real problem is in the 'healthy' section and in my experience only a small amount of (I have seen as low as 1%) of the healthy links are actually real, editorial links. 

The tool seems to review each link on it's own mertis so it has problems spotting patterns so where a user has lots of directory links or forum profiles for users with 0 posts then it is not going to pick them up. Granted, these are not terrible but as part of a larger, manipulative profile where the profile name may be keyword based it is certainly something we clean up. 

So, it has some value, especially with large datasets but you simply can't trust the healthy links. I think the tool possibly needs to be a little more aggressive with the suspicious and look at the bigger picture in a dataset but you can't have it all eh! 

Hit or miss

I see recently they (link detox) have released the "Genesis" algorithm update that claims to address many of the deficiencies in previous versions but I moved on to creating my own methods of filtering / identifying low quality links long ago. If you can't program and have a budget, Link Detox and Remove'em are great options.

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