Google posts reminder about deceitful behavior


Google just made a post to their official blog about webmasters who use tricks to change the browsers history so that when the back button is clicked it takes them to a fake search results page full of ads. My only commentary on this is that it can't be happening with that great of frequency because of [not provided] it's harder for this sites to know what query was typed when coming to the site from Google.

The post ends by saying that Google could remove your site from their index if they manually catch you doing this tricky business.

Matt Cutts took to Twitter immediately to reinforce this message:




Seriously? With everything

Seriously? With everything they have wrong with the current serps 'this' is such a massive issue that it's worth spending time on?

Cutts' reminder re: "deceitful behavior"

I'm curious to know what set this "reminder" off...? Has anyone encountered this back-button tactic?

Not in a very long time and

Not in a very long time and certainly not on a website built in the last couple years.

Well they did say they were

Well they did say they were going to look at more spammy verticals such as payday loans, etc.. My guess, If I had to, is that their research on how to algorithmically control these areas found some of this activity and the blog post was made as a general warning because a version is going to roll out to put more negative weight on this activity.

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