Matt Cutts on query syntax with Google Voice


A recent Google Webmaster video has Matt Cutts answering a question posed by AJ Kohn: "How has query syntax changed since voice search has become more popular?"

Cutts notes that people searching with voice are less likely to use keywords. Not earth-shattering news, but it does present an interesting challenge for search marketers.

As Cutts iterates, Google's trying to "get better" at conversational search, and extracting the "gist" of users' query intents. So how does one go about optimizing for conversational search?


We discussed search by voice

We discussed search by voice a few months ago: and I got some interesting comments on Google Plus for that one:

Already discussed voice search

I see - thanks, Ann!

I think...

that this actually opens up a whole new window of opportunity for SEO copywriters.

I think... are on to something there, Doc!

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