Technorati refusing guest posts from existing contributors


In the middle of submitting a post on Technorati, a writer who has written there for years received this message:

"Sorry, but we're not going to publish writer submitted pieces any longer.  We're moving in a new direction and are only leveraging content produced from the editorial staff.  We're focusing on linking to some of the top blogs in our directory (after all, this is what TR is known for). We want to highlight all the interesting bloggers, their content, creative videos and more.  Please ensure you've listed your own blog in Technorati, to provide the opportunity for us to review it's content as well. The editorial team appreciates your submissions and hard work in the past.  Please feel free to contact Executive Editor Don Martelli at

if you have any questions."

Most likely they are afraid of Google's Penguin, too, or may have already been hit. They probably won't say that is why, though. And they have always been selective about what outgoing links they allow in their content.



I've seen several

I've seen several contributors accepting payments to post articles under their own names - essentially selling links on some of the well-known low quality webmaster forums. Perhaps the owners finally got wind of this and are indeed afraid of getting penalized.

just sayin'

I've seen this with a number of communities....technorati is not going to be around in 3 years....

@whiterabbit - that's what

@whiterabbit - that's what people said three years ago :)

Good Move by Technorati

This is a good move by Technorati as this would surely help them ward off Penguin! I agree with Bob, many known writers are accepting payments to post links on other companies behalf. 

Technorati refusing guest posts

Well, even I'm trying to post on Technorati for a few month now, but haven't received reply from them. Now, they're refusing posts from existing contributors as well. :)

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