Search Engine Email War Begins in Earnest

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John Battelle brings us news of Yahoo! increasing their Yahoo mail storage to one gig next month, he also says that email views count for 40% of Yahoo! page views and that this is likely why Google are pushing Gmail so hard these days....


same with MSN / hotmail, afaik, fwiw

... not sure about the exact percentage, but let's just say it's high, or "around that order of magnitude" ..

it makes sense

The last numbers I saw:
60% of user search everday and makes 2-3 searches per session and 95% only look at 1 page.
85% of users check email everyday and I would guess that they look at more than 2 emails plus the login page.

If my numbers are accurate an email user would generate many more page views. I would think the only reason why email is not the majority of page views is because the number of search users greatly outnumbers email users.

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