List of 29 Sites for Free to use Images


Inc magazine published a list of 29 sites for free images written by Chelsea Blacker from Blue Glass UK. The published list is designed to help bloggers and website developers find free images without spending any of their hard earned cash. Unfortunately it's not a comprehensive list, Chelsea's list left out Bing Image search, which allows you to sort your image search by license type, including free to use for commercial.

I'll be disucssing this and how to avoid those pesky copyright laws by owning the copyrights to your images this weekend at the Emerging Tech Conference in Dallas. 

Do you have any more? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @YoungbloodJoe


Unique original image?

My concern with free images is that Google may start evaluting them like they do with articles. Unique original image? Increase in ranking, stock photo used 10,000 times? Lower ranking. If I were Google I would be looking to do something like this. That is why it is best to atleast try and use original images. Google's image search is getting quite powerful (completely innaccurate I know) but they are showing us that they are adding more technology in the backend for image searches. 

See it, doubt it

Aaron. I see what you're saying and as a Google Contrarian I tend to side with caution and go with unique whenver I can. I doubt that it'll be a major factor any time soon, that's just based on how frequently same / visually similar images are used for the same product. Take a blender retailer for example. Sure each retailer could take their own picture, but it would get pretty difficult to tell which one is better, it's the same danged blender.

Of course I thought duplicate content was ok in certain settings and Google disagreed, quite aggressively. I think it really depends on if we see a lot of people abusing images to gain traffic like they did text content on content farms. Only time will really tell, but for now I think we're safe.

Hear, hear

I think using stock/free images is the last thing a busy blogger/business owner should be concerned about at the moment.

The only reason I'd even think of taking time creating my own images is because even with Creative Commons images you can run into trouble.

well... you're right

Ana, great viewpoint. We had a discussion on this at SMC Dallas last night that was apparently very eye opening. I am presenting on content for bloggers this weekend and how to get original images.

To get original image on Top

To get original image on Top, it is something which needs to be focused next.I am waiting for anything intersting update on that.

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