Sony's PSP - How Cool?

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All the signs of the Next Big Fad
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It's been a trying day, let's go off topic for a bit eh? How about the new Sony PSP, will it match iPod for cool?

Techpundit's Rob Enderle is saying that this could be as big as the iPod and also states that Sony has not seen this much hype over a mobile product since the original Walkman's

The new Sony PSP is a showcase of technology, small with a very high resolution screen for its size it has been given glowing reviews from the people lucky enough to have acquired the product early. The new Nintendo GameBoy DS was easily aced out by the iPod during the Christmas season for the hottest portably product and the DS looks antiquated next to the new Sony device which will undoubtedly put more pressure on Nintendo especially given they lost their market lead to both Sony and Microsoft over the last several years. Much like it was with the more traditional game system market Nintendo is currently predominant but faces a vastly more attractive product in the Sony PSP then they have ever faced before.

  • Do you want one?
  • Will it be killer?

Personally, I don't have the time, but i might get one regardless 'cos they look great!


is it just for games?

-if that's the case i certainly don't want one, but it will probably sell lots anyway *lol*

good question

i wonder if it'll eventually play mp3s, movies, etc. isn't that what microsoft is trying to do with the x-box? that is, get a console into the living room then turn it into a multimedia center for more than games...


Nice looking... but I'm with claus. If all it does is play games, I haven't got much use for it.

Just a Gamer

Yeah, seems it's just a portable video game player. Hardly comparable with the iPod. No use for it myself, either.


It does look cool, but I do not think I will be getting one. It seems like it has more features than games, such as music, pictures, movies and what not...

Also seems to have built in wi-fi?

An in depth review. It does play music, pictures games and movies....


Well, if it didn't limit you to storing 'third party' files on a weird new proprietary memory stick format... Or if the weird proprietary mini-diskey things were rewriteable...

Well no. Even then I get more use out of my PDA by far, and I don't think Sony's planning on making optional PalmOS support a feature any time soon. hehe

But it is a sexy little thing.


Doesn't look as if it could open cans gracefully, either ... :-)

Eh - silly....

I don't go for tech that only does a minimal set of stuff. No proprietary game systems for me (yes, I am a game player - CRPGs only), no music dinkies (I really only listen to music when I'm alone driving - not often any more), no phones that think they're the techno-goddess's gift to the world....

I'm a computer nerd. I have computers. Many. I don't need all that other silliness.

Where's GTA3?

It reeks of PlayStation coolness. But if it doesn't have GTA3 it just ain't worth it imo. (I'm not saying it won't have GTA3, but i can't see it in the list of games).
I think i'll stay loyal to PC gaming =)

Sony alternative to iPod

Considering getting this tiny player from sony, iPod's are just too big.


Considering getting this tiny player from sony

Shame it converts one lossy format [MP3] into another, really [ATRAC], as otherwise, I'd jump on it myself.

Launch Party

Engadget have pics from the launch party...

BW Agrees

BusinessWeek would seem to agree with the general sentiment that if it only plays games, it's not enough...

Somebody always has a spam angle on these things

BBC report on emai spam , includes

It has recently seen a rise in the number of spam messages offering phoney Sony PSP giveaways.

and also includes the information

And, in perhaps a nod to the popularity of the American drama series Desperate Housewives, it has also seen a dramatic rise in junk mails purporting to give details of women looking for casual sex.

And there was me thinking there were all these desperate ladies in the area...


Shame it converts one lossy format [MP3] into another, really [ATRAC], as otherwise, I'd jump on it myself.

I would only use it through tiny headphones anyway, so doubt I’ll hear any difference whatever format it is


Good gift for my son, Levi, he turns 10 on Sat. That or a dirtbike, leaning towards the dirtbike at the moment.


Go for the dirtbike - gets him some exercise.... unless he's a dancer, in which case a music thingy makes more sense than either a bike or a game thingy.


Little guy almost sliced his leg off yesterday morning, well, not that bad, but 30 stitches and crutches for a couple of weeks fooling around in the great outdoors. Plan was to go choose the bike yesterday too, so it's the PSP by default and a bike in a few weeks...


How'd he manage that?

at 10, i was a regular to the emergency department :)


Oh gosh - I'm glad it wasn't worse!

Slipped on the ice

Out in the back 40, with his cousin, crossing a small stream and slipped on some ice, knee into edge of rock and sliced right open, looked like a pork chop dangling from his leg.

So his sister does the mile or so dash to the house, Lesli, my brother in law and i dash back to get him and carry him home.

Now all the drama is over he has the PSP and it rocks! Wi-fi, mp3 etc...

He could have just asked for it.


Dirtbike prospect would scare me at the age of ten...

Hackers have added Web and Chat

Story link

"I was on IRC, and someone mentioned how cool it would be to use their PSP on Wi-Fi at Starbucks to talk to people over IRC. I said, 'I can do that', so I began working on it immediately," said Robert Balousek, creator of PSPIRC (, in an email interview.

Other hacks include transferring TV shows via TiVo - an interesting read.

I am back in the States this month and for $249 this might be fun.

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