Ripoff Report Verified - Talk about taking low to the next level

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Notorious Ripoff Report has just launched a new "service" - a $89/m subscription to allow business owners NOT to get published on their site. Most of us know that 90% of the accusations on the site are pure libel, and that anyone can post a fake review, anonymously. RR never takes a review off, regardless of any circumstances.

They're well aware of the power position they have and this just seems to be an evolved version of negative seo 2.0; instead of paying to get links removed, you're now paying BEFORE links get published. 

Pure blackmail if you ask me.

Story here:


RIPOFF REPORT: Program protects consumers -

The person who wrote the above comment is someone who is obviously revealed on Ripoff Report. Notice, they don’t say who they really are.  And that’s OK, as the founder of Ripoff Report has stated, in America, consumers have the right to free speech, even if that speech is less than flattering, and the right to remain anonymous.


And is this site is any better? You get to post whatever garbage you want like most other places on the Internet. Not to mention mainstream media. I heard Ed Magedson the founder of Ripoff Report state something that rings so true, that main stream publications are, even more so today, not distributing the truth whenever they can get away with it. He explained that now that, “ most newspapers and magazines are scrambling for survival, (even the most well respected) are going to a new low hiring on so-called reporters and calling them blogs or contributors allowing them to post sensational drivel, anything to get them readers.”  We all know that the 20th century main stream media and their producers produced many stories, twisting the truth, staging stories just to make their news story would drive viewers.


Now to the truth about Ripoff Report Verified.  What the author of the this blog does not bother to tell everyone, that the program you speak about above, you leave out a few important facts.  Ripoff Report  actually sends someone out within 24 hours to verify their business and to take photos if they are not certified by their bank to process credit cards. Most importantly, the member business must fix the problem with their customer to their satisfaction within 14 days.  Try reading about their program and the strict rules they instill on their members.  


My opinion, this blog was likely written by a an SEO Reputation Management business, first called and associated with Stores Online and a person going by the name of Glen Jones firsst reported on Ripoff Report in 2008. That company changed it's name to visible and instead of Glen Jones the name associated with it is Bob Jones. From what I read people were being scammed from $4-25K and posted on Ripoff Report to warn others. There claims they can remove negative complaints off the Internet are false as they cannot budge Ripoff Report.  

Here are some of the reports I found:

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