How SEOs distract themselves


It's been fun watching hundreds of SEOs picking up and interpreting Googler's words about guest blogging, making conclusions, inventing flags, making up loud "link-baity" blog titles.... It's just one tiny incident proving how much confused and lost the SEO community really is...

I was happy to see Bryan Eisenberg share his wisdom encouraging all SEOs to step back and see the bigger issue. He points out to Moz's introduction to ranking factors:

When interpreting the correlation results, it is important to remember that correlation does not prove causation.” However, I am willing to bet most people skimmed right by it to the actual ranking factors data.

Definitely a good wise read: Deep breath... Let's stop the noise!

Oh and probably my brain is free as I fail to see a triangle here (neat test :))




The problem with the current form of Guest Blogging is..

I have been railing against guest blogging in it's current form since it started to pick up pace a few years ago. While plenty of smart webmasters and SEO's have been doing it for 10 years or more, it became a big fad about the time the private blog networks got pounced on by Cutts et al.


Why? Because all these people who used private blog networks to build some insanely powerful websites, got their asses handed to them, well not all. There are some big sites out there that started by using private blog networks but became such strong brands Google couldn't afford to ignore them. However all these webmasters still had that private blog network mentality.


So they turned that mentality to a blog network that they felt Google couldn't pounce on. The internet!


While they don't use spun content anymore and they don't have massive private blog networks like they used to (although plenty of webmasters have smaller well hidden ones that are  still insanely powerful). These individuals are applying the lessons they learned in the blog network era to the biggest blog network Google has ever had to face. They are being smarter about it and in quite a few instances the content is actually good, even the content on the feeder blogs.


However mostly the content is only good enough to fool Google's current algorithm.

That is where these individuals are most vulnerable. Google is constantly upping the anti in this arms race and I think we are on the edge of that precipice, where Google will instigate the rule that "all blog posts links must be no follow" or risk losing your rankings. This is a scary thought and one that will affect an insanely large group of sites. I still wonder what will happen when Google finally wins the nofollow war and webmasters are so educated in (scared of) the nofollow affect that nearly all links are nofollow? What will Google use then?


In the old days and I mean back around 1997, we started using guest blogging because if you got an article on a site like cnet, the traffic that was generated was insane and was what we were after. As a result we wrote (or had written) quality articles. The SEO affect was something that came second and we didn't really care that much about.

These days it is all about the SEO affect and not about traffic or educating the users. We all think we are great bloggers but we are not. Most of us actually suck at writing/reporting etc. I know I do. However I continue because I enjoy it. I don't really care if no one reads my stuff, I enjoyed writing it. Unfortunately I am one of the minority on the web these days.


The current generation feels like they are owed good links because their content is awesome and quite frankly most of it sucks! Unfortunately at the moment Google doesn't really care about content quality, they are more about getting the content out to their users and that is why scrapper sites seem to be doing a roaring trade in the serps.


Eventually Google will iterate the algorithm past relying on links. It will be sooner rather than later. In fact they probably have experimental indexes they are evaluating as we speak that do not rely on links. It will be a good day when this happens as there are whole swathes of the web that are literal deserts. 


Actually, you don't need to

Actually, you don't need to be an expert to see such things coming. It's clear as day. And Google doesn't need to be more aggressive or anything to catch that kind of fake guest blogging. They only talk a bit more about it because *we* talk more about that... That was exactly my point of the whole submission: Instead of seeing a bigger brighter picture, we keep saying "I told you" :)

Yeah I agree

but that is the same with anything Google. They just need to talk about it and the SEO's get on the band wagon.

That is why Matt Cutts is worth more to Google than the rest of the spam team put together. He says something is going to be targetted by Google and the SEO's will repeat to the ends of the earth. Google doesn't even have to spend the money implementing the change. They just need to get Matt to mention it and the job is done.

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