Adult content to be blocked by default in the UK


This is a major change which is going to affect loads of sites in the UK.

By “Default” isp’s will block adult content, bbc mention porn all the time but its far more likely to be adult content.

What will sites like ann summers do?

What about reddit ?

 As a new customer you will have to ask to see adult content, and as a existing customer you also will be asked when the time comes.



Isn't this going to be very

Isn't this going to be very hard to implement? I can see the bulk of the affiliate porn sites making it past the filters. As you suggested above, I think a lot of legit sites may get caught in the filters. I guess it all depends on the implementation.

All or nothing

These so called filters are either going to be blocking everything or virtually nothing.. It all seems pointless. 

Many parent filters friends use block sites like youtube, many newspaper so will it be that harsh? 

Utter waste of time

Whilst, I agree, that search engines should do a better job of hiding porn from those not looking for it - as it's certainly not a comfortable experience giving my 9 and 7 year old kids unfettered access to the web (I filter at home on their devices). That said, I see this being tough to implement at an ISP level and really, only a search engine could do this effectively with it's advanced understanding of the topic of posts & pages. 

Really, how is an ISP going to implement this? Simple pattern matching? It won't be too long before some enterprising pornographer gets around that I imagine. And the people who want access to porn? There will be workarounds. It will be a whole new industry. Still, I did read an interesting post regarding how this is a great thing as it will generate a nation of teenagers that have had to learn IT just to get around some porn filtering:

I guess I would rather see some kind of age verification on search engines and (shock horror) user accounts and only those accounts for verified users of over 18 (or whatever age is relevant) get access to that specific content. Obviously, you can search without this but until logged in and verified content is restricted. This could still be done anomously for the porn fond privacy shy massive but it would certainly help keep things safe for younger kids (whilst likely being totally useless for those actively trying to get around it). 

Perfect one for Google though eh, get everyone signed in, get more DATA on user behaviour and more easily push Google+ on folks. ;)

Recently, whilst trying to find a nice image effect my wife did a google image search for 'smeared'. I am not going to go into great detail on what was returned but it was somewhat shocking. I just did this search now and found the results to be much, well, cleaner than they were before so hopefully this is very much on the radar at Google HQ. 


Russia, China, the UK, now are all censoring the internet. It's becoming less and less free by the day. I agree that search engines should 'blackout' content on certain phrases, but then we'd lose all content. Why not allow wikipedia show up so a curious person can read the academic knowledge behind abusive child material such as pschological studies, etc.. We're fast becoming a scared society with big governments and media pushing us to fear one another.

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