Google Serves 25 Percent of North American Internet Traffic

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According to a story in Wired, "On an average day, Google accounts for about 25 percent of all consumer internet traffic running through North American ISPs". There are so many consumer devices connecting to Google each day, Google is now bigger than Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram combined.



that definitely lends perspective

that is pretty crazy....I also found the following in the article

The lion’s share of it comes from YouTube. But Google traffic involving search, analytics, web apps, and advertising is far from insignificant.

Take these numbers with a grain of salt, though. It’s impossible to get a total picture of the internet, so Deepfield’s numbers are a best guess based on the traffic flowing through its internet service provider partners. Still, there’s no question that Google is big and getting massive.

It is odd to me that You Tube is the lions share for some reason..seems counter intuitive?

also, the conecept of edge networks is facinating

Still, Netflix and Google’s move into so many of the ISP network operations centers that are just a few miles from its customers — what networking geeks call the “edge” of the network — is likely to be followed by other internet giants such as Apple and Facebook, Labovitz believes.

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