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Acording to oilman Matt Cutts - aka GoogleGuy has not been his usual chatty self at WebmasterWorld since a little before the IPO.

GG, has resurfaced at SEW Forums in the thread linked above. Famous for his PR skills (public relations) and consumate manipulation of public opinion of SPAM, Cutts (if it is the same guy of course..) appears to have come out of hiding.. (he's also famous for engineering the safe search filter at G but hey, that's not nearly as much fun ;-)

Im not sure if he's posted at wmw, perhaps he's just spreading himself around a bit but the appearance will be creating a little bit of a buzz over at SEW im sure.

SEW has not suffered the google hugger syndrome so far, but this could well be the beginning if he plans to make regular public appearances there.

Let's hope it's not the beginning of the end of less noise, more signal that SEW has been a welcome haven for for many a seasoned forum vet.

Hoardes of slobbering teeny weenies and fawning newbie webmasters all desperate to justify their *****hat actions to a google rep. Spam report posts, ("is this spam?" "Googleguy can you tell me if this is spam") heh! fun and games eh? fun and games...

Put the rubber underpants on SEW Mods - you could well be in for a rough ride...

All fun and games aside, from what i've heard of him and from the few exchanges we've had (not great ones some of them) - he seems like a good chap at heart and as Brett Tabke once said, totally wasted in his current position...


like I tell da boyz...

...if we're using money to keep score, GG just beat the hell outta us when they IPO'd. Congrats to him!

> rubber underpants on SEW Mods

HHH! Funny, Nick. Sad, but still funny.


I cant help it RC, im english, sad jokes are built into the very fabric of our society... heh!

Forum Ark Building

I hope it doesn't bring in those hords of Googlies - dang I hated that.

Who.... that guy?

No Googlies here

Unless you play cricket of course RC.


...googlies are always close to me.

Seriously: does it mean that anyone choosing "Googleguy" for a nickname on a 'new' forum gets pampered/respected/a55-kissed instantly? Wow.

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