Most marketers hate Google+


Corey O'Laughlin at MarketProfs Daily Fix has posted the results from an informal poll asking marketers if they love or hate Google+. The results were astounding with 42% saying they never want to hear about Google+ again and 50% saying it's the most confusing social network. It appears the hate has little to do with the massive privacy intrusions that Google+ / Chrome bring with them and everything to do with just how easy to use or effective marketers tend to find the platform.

Of note, the poll was conducted with MarketingProfs Facebook fans, so there is no doubt the data is skewed. I wonder what a general population survey about the social network and others would reveal?



Few know how to get any traction on G+

Until communities, posting anything to G+ was like blowing bubbles in a crowd. How many might notice? Communities help IF you can get many thinkers into the same community. Otherwise they are just yet another way Google divides and conquers.

You have to find the most relevant, active communities and then make time to use them. This post might help >> If you have communities you like, comment in that post and I'll add them.


It could be worse. IMHO, G+ is way better than Facebook. I have to make myself log in there and still can't find my way around. That's ridiculous for as long as I've had an account there. G+ has the advantage that we have to use it for SEO reasons. But they both better watch out for Pinterest because that is far easier to use.


The only logical arguement that Google+ helps SEO is in how the links are placed within a post to gain 'do follow' juice. Other than that the platform is useful for a handful of techy related industries and that's about it. I personally don't think that is good enough to give away keyword data and massive amount of privacy (now matching your searches w/ social data and demographic data)

No shares, no number of people in 'circles', no +1's have been confirmed in anything more than relative correlation studies which are not enough to prove they are helping rankings. Frankly I'm happy Facebook has competition, but I'm disgusted that our industry thinks Google is the right competition.

Instead of laying down our swords and shields and pushing this social network, which lets face it, will either soon become a graveyard or cluttered with ads and riddled with privacy scandals - we should be spending time educating the public on topics that affect them. For example; SEO does not help crappy websites rank in Google, Passing keywords from a search engine to a website is not a violation of privacy, and various other things about digital marketing that are the scapegoats of people wanting to point fingers at something. The real culprit is, and for the future will be, Google especially as they aggresively demote organic rankings in favor of paid ads using cunning combinations of 'algo updates' and layout changes.


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