Expanded AdWords competitor ads above trademark owner's ads and listings


How long has Google featured competitor's expanded AdWords Ads on top for trademark searches? See https://t.co/8lI1Cn9FT7 for an example and https://twitter.com/GrowMap/status/359835977059008512 discussion with Aaron Wall and others.


Mine is not trademark but I

Mine is not trademark but I had one competitor bidding on "myblogguest" and appearing above my ad with an ad "MyBlogGuest is dead" which totally made my day :)

They started a long ago, but

They started a long ago, but businesses see the potential growth of their company just years after Google made the changes. Many brands including those trademarked own products were benefited from these, as they really seen good growth on sales using Adwords. The site http://eatmywords.com/ that is working on my business name also recommended the use of this idea.

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