Local SEO for Non-profits


Chris Silversmith of Argent Media posted over at Web Marketing Today talking about how non-profit organizations can benefit from doing local seo. It's a really good, well thought out article with great tips. I don't know about you guys, but I get annoyed when I can't tell if a 'charity' is tax exempt or not.

His  tips are:

  1. Rank in Google Places
  2. Put primary information in text on your home page
  3. State your category
  4. Use your title tag to target your name and place
  5. Use a short meta description
  6. Get listed in online directories including CitySquares, Superpages.com, DirJournal. etc
  7. Communicate your tax free status
  8. Use separate websites for charitable events
  9. Allow photography to encourage photo sharing
  10. Use LinkedIn to captalize on employes, donors, and members
  11. Optimize your site and blog for twitter and facebook
  12. Run PPC ads for free


free ppc :) :)

Nothing triggers a click through to an article from me, like free PPC....according to the article,

".The Google Grants for AdWords program can provide up to $10,000 in advertising per month to eligible non-profits. Non-profit groups that aren’t participating are throwing away a significant benefit every day."

Doing PPC for not for profit must be so much fun....


Google Grants has a caveat. While they give you house money to play with, you're capped at a certain CPC bid rate, I think it's $1.00. Still, it's a good program.

The widow's mite ...

This is a small pittance relative to all the dreadful ways Google is now gouging all the SMBs with its burying of all ways you can try for some free publicity.  They are using their monopoly to force acceptance of Adwords as the only way to be visible on the messy Web their insistance on the PageRank algorithm has created.

Local SEO

Reviews have the power to drive more business to your organization. Encourage supporters to review your nonprofit on a site like Yelp, Yellow Pages or another online directory.

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