Yahoo Deny SEM / Agency API Snub

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Yahoo Could Be Dropping API Access to PPC
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In response to a "report" that Yahoo! were about to drop support for the Overture API for agencies, SEM's and analytics firms, an anonymous Overture rep speaks in a thread at the SEWF.

Whoa everyone…..slow down. It seems there have been some miscommunications here. Just to set the record straight, Overture (Yahoo! Search Marketing) continues to grow the number of advertisers, SEMs and agencies participating in our API program. In fact, over the last few weeks we have added a significant number of each to the program. Please know our third party partners and programs are and will continue to be an essential strategic part of our business.

To date, noone has been able to verify that Tom HockSteatter, the "senior Y! rep" attributed as the source of the rumour, is even in the employ of Yahoo!

The plot thickens...