.@ViperChill: great content is over-rated, Google still values spammy links + we are all blackhats


Probably what we already know and what we quietly tend to agree: The New SEO

I am pretty public about no longer believing in Whitehat vs Blackhat SEO. If you’re doing anything to try and get more links to move up the Google rankings, you’re ‘manipulating’ the algorithm one way or the other. I’ve got to the point now where I’ve just accepted the state Google is in this year and started following the crowd for what works.

{Jim also meantioned this whitehat vs blackhat sentiment earlier}.

It's hard to justify "proper" advice you give to people who come to you for help with the question: "Ok, I am doing everything right (I am building great content, do social, network), why am I nowhere as compared to my competitors?"

And you go "Umm, well, you are never going to be on top, most probably, because you have no keyword-rich anchor text pointing to your site. But think about something positive here..., you have a good chance to witness your competitors to be banned one day in the future!"


True...there is no distinction any more

Google has closed all doors. There is no "white hat" any more. Anything you do today may be deemed "wrong" tomorrow. Doing nothing means you won't be found. So do whatever works to survive. Best of luck. Eventually no small business or blog will be indexed unless the masses revolt to stop this nonsense.

Google is now an effective search monopoly ...

Let's hope the FTC is sufficiently on the ball that they realize that effective ways must be found to control the excesses that monopolies often hand out to the mere citizenry.

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