Boo Hoo - Bloggers Getting Tired...

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Blog burnout spreading
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The BlogHerald report that A listers, are getting a wee bit tired and not holding up under the strain of having to post everytime a thought occurs to them...

Counting Sheep

Really, no one cares. What'll be amusing now is watching as this little meme spreads and every sheeplike blogger worth his salt posts that he's tired and needs to take a break.



Sheep are Fun to Count

Nice find Nick.

The Rule Of Rubbish

Some bright writer once wrote, "write down everything, but toss 99% of it because 99% of everything you write is rubbish". I think I'm closer to 99.99% and the .01% is suspect.I really don't know how some of the bloggers do it though. They write prodigious amounts and seemingly feel as if they must post something every day.

Trendy to burn out huh? Yeah, that will spread. Blogout. Feelin' a little blogged out. I foresee a niche boom in the therapy biz. ;)

Silver Lining

So if we have more bloggers suffering burnout does that mean we'll have more abandoned blogs? Want to find some try this or this.

Or maybe you're looking for some other unsuspecting places to drop some spam? Well it seems more teens are blogging as well. We all know what a fickle lot they are, and are much less sophisticated at picking out the more camouflaged link drops.

This has little to do with the OP -

but I just want you to know, Nick, that your advertising is STERLING compared to the dreck on the site your link goes to! AND that's appreciated!


Thanks vkaryl - only about 20 people have the ads off and we've just signed up the third sponsor so - members appear happy, or at least not angry, sponsorships are selling so Mrs W is happy and the last time i spoke to the advertisers, they were happy too :)

Good news allround...

(the adsense is bollocks though)

Not true.

The adsense is fun. Makes you want to submit a "thread" and optimise it to get weird adsense.

Try it (in the "Bollocks" section - that would be the most appropriate). It's great.

The DST thread got adsense for clock selling companies. And I always buy my clocks online - so there...


...the NYT had a story today about how everyone and their mother feels the need to write a memoir these days, whether their life is particularly interesting or not. Which seems to be the case with blogging too in many cases.

Perhaps the slow fade of blogging will creep over to the publishing world as well?

Could this be a sign of some kind of natural-self-selection trend?

Or is it a sign that ex-bloggers will now rush out to write their memoirs?

1/2 there

Yes Nick, boo hoo is probably half fair, particularly given the A listers folding under the presure, but its not irrelevant to all bloggers, including yourself, who want to keep the traffic up, having said this though I cant see you relenting any time soon... and that why I'm a reader!

Taking a Break from Blogging

Everyone goes on holidays sometime, so I fully expect to see some of the biggies trying to fudge their blogs by inviting "guest bloggers" to maintain the flow. As if there aren't already some personal assistants and research associates out there doing most of the gruntwork on some of these blogs.

In some ways, bringing in someone to "feed the goat" (as radio news people refer to the need for hourly content) isn't a bad way to help a non-A-Lister get some profile.


Welcome to Threadwatch Eric and BH, nice to see you both here! Do introduce yourselves...

No, i shouldnt think i'll be relenting anytime soon, but this is a group effort (more so on some days than others :) and we have some very good posts from folks other than me that i hope will increase with time, giving me an hour or two here and there to stop scanning RSS heh...

>guest bloggers

Yeah, i've seen a bit of that about, and it's not a bad idea at all, though man, i'd kill to have someone researching for TW! What a luxury!

I have found that putting a "suggest" link prominently on the pages has had some nice results - it's cool to have stuff suggested to you, the more ways there are to "discover" the better...

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