Playing with authorship photo


@Freshegg team have been doing some experiments with Google Plus profile photo and how fast it was reflected on search results. Some key takeaways:

  • Changing Google Plus profile pic immediately changes your Google search result
  • Non-photo ("Are you sure people will recognise you in this photo? It doesn’t seem to have a face in it.") images are removed within a day
  • Images that violate the search engine’s content policy, are removed within hours
  • It takes 2-3 weeks for the "headshot"/proper photo to re-appear in search results
  • You can absolutely put someone else's face there and get away with that:


I ended up deleting my g+ accounts

I had a g+ account but deleted it because it kept asking for a head shot when I didn't want to give one. With the NSA and Google stuff going on and the lack any real privacy I am kind of glad I did. Having said that I doubt you can leave no foot print on the web when you work on it.

oh and yeah a client

of mine tried putting something catchy into his head shot. think it was a soccer ball or something and not only did his head shot get removed but he seemed to lose ranking on any page that had the head shot attributed to it. They completely left the top 5 pages of the SERPS. They didn't come back until he put back a proper head shot.

Anyone else see this happen?

Really important for bloggers, reporters, etc.

The authorship photo may not work for under-the-radar SEOs, but for anyone creating serious content on the web it's a must-use. For now, it will definitely increase clicks when the photo accompanies a search listing. The real goal: an "author rank" is certainly feasible. Ultimately, this could carry over to page ranking. So, if Seth Godin writes a post on an unknown, unlinked, unpopular blog, that page might be given a boost simply because of the author's status (before links, social shares, etc. kick in).

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