How Much are you Paying your Copywriters?

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What to Pay for Copywriting?
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wmw member moltar asks:

How much do you usually (would you) pay to a content writer (student) for a
500 - 1000 word article? Writer does all the research. I just provide with
topic and a small keyword selection

You'd think a typical boring bag of crap would follow but in comes EileenC a professional copywriter with some angry things to say about paying a pittance to underqualifieds for valuable web copy:

Fact: there is a ton of bad writing on the web, truly bad writing that stinks
worse than rotting fish and does not reflect the actual, high value in
products, services, and companies, because the words were so poorly written.
You may have the greatest product or service in the world, but if the words on
your web page are mediocre, you are going to lose customers with a click of
the mouse. If you really believe in your web site business, you should be
willing to put your money where your mouth is, and invest in it.

I happen to agree with her but it does rather assume that you're selling products rather than knocking out any old shite for adsense. The thread goes into quite a bit of detail on pricing and although started about a month ago, is still going and is well worth a peek...


Well that cut to the quick didn't it!

The problem lies in the fact that there are very - very - very few decent web copywriters.

Apoligies to EileenC (who may well be adecent web copywriter) but most of the stuff I've had produced is second class marketing bullshit better suited to print brochures than the web.

Writing for a user is easy, writing for a search engine is easy - managing to please both at the same time is an art form.

>managing to please both at t

>managing to please both at the same time is an art form

thats why the best way to do SEO is just to hoard inbound link popularity and let the content read good for people.

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