Hyperlinked Graffiti Anyone?

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It's Not Graffiti, It's Grafedia
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Wireed carry a story about how a company called Grafedia are taking the concept of the physical hyperlink and turning it into a service, rather than a standard.

Created by John Geraci, a graduate student in New York University's interactive telecommunications program, grafedia is part public art, part advertisement and part subversion. It's also a newfangled take on old-fashioned graffiti.

Like graffiti artists, grafedia practitioners get out their messages in the usual way, by chalking, marking or spray-painting text in public places. Unlike graffiti, however, grafedia messages allow viewers to interact with authors using cell phones or e-mail accounts.

You can see what slashdot have to say here



..doesn't anything positive ever come out of these \, people? (intentional misspelling there - grin) My guess is that nerd-ism and "art" don't go together well.

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