Quiet out there isn't it....

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Well, my first weekend of doing pretty much nothing in a loooong time! I've messed around with my daughter, played with the dogs, almost caught up with email and generally relaxed a bit.


Im going to watch "kill bill 2" tonight, and after the first one im pretty hot on that, and in a wonderfully dull weekend, that'll be the highlight i reckon :) I've also treated myself to a few beers, which has been a good reminder of why i dont drink so much these days heh...

So, come on, out with it! What have you been up to this Easter weekend? Pics where possible please!



Well I finally finished a site for my wife in ugh Japanese.

It was about a trip we took to Mexico with a group of Japanese. My wife wanted to go to the day of the dead in Patzcuaro and as I used to be a tour guide in Mexico I designed a trip nice little eight day tour of central Mexico.

She went out trolling the Japanese forums for people looking for travel mates and filled up a large van at a nice profit.

It was a pretty fun trip too. Seen as you wanted some pictures here is my boy on top of the ruins at Monte Alban just outside of Oaxaca, Mexico.



Started a writing project. Non-fiction. I'm finding it slow going.


Enjoying the quiet. The weather was crap (like THERE'S a surprise! It's always crap at Easter....), there's a couple feet of snow around but it's not "fun" snow, so we didn't have tons of idiots on snowmobiles, atvs etc. tearing up the roads and making life noisily miserable for a change. Starting a fire in the fireplace, gonna snow s'more tonight, I'm making strawberry shortcake for dessert....

Love the silence....

[Edit: the weather was crap for the people who want to come here and tear around our neighborhood - not crappy from MY POV....]

Kill Bill 2

What did you make of it then Nick?

paint job

...no, not on my girlfriends car *lol* it's in the apartment and it's not quite done yet. Actually i had hired professional painters and they spent three-four days doing the ground work as well as the painting, but they just didn't do it well enough. So, it's been two days of finishing their good work and fixing their bad work.

Too bad to stay indoors though - the weather has been sunny all along and really nice for all things outdoor.

Me too

Funnily enough, watched Kill Bill 2 again this weekend.

Lots of people were disappointed by 2 but I like it. It hasn't got anything to compete with the showdown at the house of blue leaves but its still good fun.

Off to get the remake of Zatoichi today :-)

Doing my taxes at the moment.

Has to be finished before the end of the month. This - and my computer suffering from hot flashes - may cause a bit of TRA* later today.

{goes off again...sigh}

* = Technology/Taxes-Related Anger, whichever gets to me first...

Kill Bill 2

Yeah, it was fantasitic, really great actually. No, nothing to compete with the blue leaves thing but all the stuff about her training and background was great - love the beardy old japanese guy heh...



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