Yahoo is finally changing its logo


it is about time ... I think yahoo was overdue for a rebranding :)


But a strange way of doing it...

I totally agree that the Yahoo-logo needs to be refreshed, but making 30 new logos, changing it every day. That is just odd. :)

Probably odd but I applaud to

Probably odd but I applaud to thinking out-of-the-box! Great and original re-branding idea that may or may not work, but at least they got some buzz going!

you've gotta give marissa mayer some cred..

she knows how to play the short stack. I think bold ideas are exactly what yahoo needs to turn around a trend of other search engines eating up yahoo search share. I've been watching the tumblr aquisition roll out through the corner of my eye and I feel like that is another bold move that on the face of it, is being done right, including not changing things and keeping the owner around:

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has pledged not to make any dramatic changes at Tumblr in hopes that the acquisition won't alienate the blogging service's existing users, which includes a substantial number of teenagers and young adults.

As part of her promise "to not screw it up," Mayer is allowing Karp to run Tumblr independently in New York. Yahoo is based in Sunnyvale, Calif.


Yahoo is worth watching more now than it has been in a long time. I think if anything, marissa mayer gets it, at least enough to generate buzz to be on the cover of business week this month (when was the last time yahoo was on the cover of a magazine about something besides its downfall?)



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