Directory Madness - 2 for Penny or a Dime for a Dozen

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Are Directories the new FFL?
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Funny i should happen across this at SearchGuild, i've been meaning to write somthing similar somewhere for a few weeks...

I mean, really, what the hell is it with this crap? - every tom dick and sally has a damn directory and the forums are littered with webmasters offering free inclusion into this directory or another...

Brad writes:

Back when link pop first got started, Free For all Links FFL sites became all the rage. Then the search engines started filtering them out then they pretty much died from the SEO cannon.

So now directories are springing up faster than ever, riding the current internet bubble and insatiable demand for links.

Are directories going to become the next FFL and get filtered? Can they be filtered? Should they be filtered?

I tend to think yes, they'll either get filtered or whacked, one way or another this madness will probably end with a swift kick in the nuts from the search engines. Most of these things are poorly thought out and badly executed.

I dont do much technical research, but i listen to those that do and word on the cyberstreet has it that these kinds of poor mans links are already being discounted...


even if something is "free" t

even if something is "free" time is still a cost and many of the directories do not provide static links or do not build up enough link popularity to even get indexed.

also if they do not have a sustainable business model they will quickly die off...and most directories really do not get that many paid submissions. lots of them are garbage though and the intent is usually rather clear. I think it takes a ton of time and / or a decent sum of money to build something that has value.

while many of them are taking a whack I still submit to lots of them. they are not gonna make you rank #1 for viagra, but most of them that actually build enough link popularity to get indexed are probably worth their submission costs. I do lots of directory submissions and still see even many of the "scummy" directories currently have some small, yet noticable effect.

Good - Bad Directories

The problems SEs have with directories is that some are good and some are complete tosh - the difficulty comes in differentiating between the two.

What a directory builder needs to do is create a 'quality' directory which isn't going to be something tacked on the back of an eCommerce site!

Sooner or later those directories that don't provide useful infomation will be gone from the SEs - those that do may see quality traffic.

Tumble weeds

>>those that do may see quality traffic.

I've been building directories for a long time and it pains me to say this, I think the only things still using general directories are search engine spiders, a few webmasters and a gaggle of SEO's. I really can't blame people for throwing up an instant directory - one not really for humans, no matter how useful you make most directories darn few people will ever use them for search anymore.


I do use directories though, guess im in the gaggle ;-)

What for? - finding relevant sites when the serps are spammed out with commercial listings. Sometimes i just want information and the serps give me nothing but sites where they provide little other than a simple faq and purchase info.

In those cases, i use google dir, starting with the high pr sites..

My 'Me Too' post hehe

I'm part of that gaggle too. One of the reasons I like using Yahoo is they still give the category links under the listings in the serps. Great time saver for related sites. Frankly I think a good directory is very valuable but the public dosen't seem to think so. Oh well...

Webmasters using those directories help get a new site found and often lead to non-recip links developing, especially for content sites, so there is a plus.

A few good directories

I probably use the google directory no more than once a week. There are few niche directories that i rate very highly but rarely need to use them -

Odd thing is I never see any referrals from the biggest directories, yet see a nice trickle of traffic from other directories you hardly ever see mentioned in the SEO world.

Seems that those directories that do send traffic do so because they come up in the serps for a wide range of non competitive terms and not becuase they have regular users.

Load, Aim, Shoot.

I've just spent an hour or two looking at a lot of the new gaggle of directories and I must say I am not impressed.

The gos' around the SEO fora these days seems to be about finding directories for backlinks, as has already been alluded to, rather than finding suitable or well constructed directories for traffic. So when a new directory emerges the Ooh Ahh factor emerges with comments like "nice logo" or "great, my submission was accepted" or even "static links, hurray" without thinking about whether the directory itself will stand the test of time.

Hence my title of Load Aim Shoot, which both directory builders and submitters seem to be NOT doing at the moment.

Purely from the directory side, the taxonomies, or lack thereof, I see in the new dirs are sometimes nothing short of atrocious, the lack of listings unbelievable, and the "search engine friendly" factor almost non-existent.

I predict there are going to be a lot of disappointed people out there soon, on all sides of the dice, unless people lift there game drastically and quickly.


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