Grow up and start pitching properly via @rhyswynne


I blame spammy email pitches for taking 1 hours of my life daily... Here's a great ode to the pitch made right by Rhys Wynne.

Look, I know why you are contacting me. I know why you are after giving me content, but don’t pretend it’s “just a little link”, don’t pretend you “are after editorial exposure”, and – worst of all to me – don’t pretend you’re a woman. I grew out of speaking to pretend women on the internet when Yahoo! Chat folded.

Blogs are not after "informative" pitches either... They are about "different" pitches and opinions...

I also liked the part about how that pitch actually stood out:

He seemingly broke all ten of the “how to pitch to bloggers” tips you see circulating on SEO Marketing Blogs.

Alan’s email came from a generic Gmail address, but seemed to show passion for retro gaming, his avatar of the Psygnosis Owl that also stood him out from other people who are primarily looking for something

And that's what I would love each of the pitches to me to be about:

there are plenty of writers, particularly in fun niches, who are just looking to write out there. Often these are more attractive than your pitches.