SEOBITCH is a Loud-Mouth Moron!


Ok, its time to get real! This morning I am sitting on the toliet reading whats trending on the SEO radar, and I see this post from ShoeMoney's SEOBITCH. In this post, Shoe's resident-nameless-moron tells us all that recent changes with Google is making it easier for spammers to rank. Really? For all of the legitmate web masters out there that are getting hit hard everyday with Penguins and Pandas this is news to them! But what really gets me is this:

So what about the link disavow tool? Spammers have been using it as a tool to figure out just what links they can get away with what links they can’t. It is nothing for spammers to create 1000 different sites across a wide variety of markets, throw 1000 variations of back links at them, see what sticks and what doesn’t, disavow the doesn’t for all thousand sites and bingo, you have an entire spam network ranking. Tada!

Mrs SEOBITCH, have you ever even used the disavow tool?? Seriously, anyone with half a brain that isn't shoved up their arse, and has used the disavow tool at any length can tell you that, the web master's abilty to ascertain any useful knowledge from it, is pretty much immpossible. And some how disavowing a bunch of crap links is going to help you rank? Come on get real! It takes a lot more than taking down the bad links. It also requires building new ones. And also "create 1000 different sites across a wide variety of markets"...I am sorry but i just don't believe that happens very often at all. To do something like that, you are looking at a minium investment of around $10,000 for just the domain names alone.....thats a very steep price tag for just testing puposes.....I should know I used to manage large legitimate networks....they are expensive.

Why do I care about what some idiotic coward writes? Because I am sick and tired of clients coming to me with information they got from some SEO asshat, that clearly doesn't really do SEO. Above I mentioned that I came accross this article while on the can.....the truth is, thats the only time I have to read SEO blogs....the rest of the time I am actually DOING SEO...maybe Mrs.SEOBITCH should try that before blogging again....or maybe she should just STFU.


3 things

1) I am kind of shocked you read shoemoney. Then again I guess it is worth a laugh.

2) Clients that come up to you and sprout this kind of garbage you probably don't want as clients.

3) A bit of annonanimity can be a good thing :)

to be honest...

I actually really like Jeremy....he comes across as crass to many, and does preach some questionable tactics everynow and then...but if you look at what hes done in his career and how hes done it, you can tell that he is an extremely smart marketer.....I have always said that you can spot a good marketer by how well they can market to other marketers, and Jeremy is genuis at that! Also in person hes very personable and a lot of fun to hang out with. :)

Painful to read

Joe, at least you were in the right venue to view that kind of crap.  I don't know Jeremy personally. He may be a great guy and a fantastic marketer. But one area where he certainly falls short, in my opinion, is in his ability to select writers. Aside from the points offered in that post, the number of grammatical errors in the content caused me to read it with an imagined Indian accent.

Then there's that whole head up the arse bit... hard to get past that. In fact, I couldn't bring myself to even finish reading it. Could I suggest you keep a six month old copy of Nat'l. Enquirer in your bathroom? Just for when you need to kick up the quality of your content intake a notch?

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