So are GWT Backlink reports enough to lift Penalty or get out of Penguin? via @Marie_Haynes


Later last week Marie Haynes asked us to support her question for it to be covered in the next glorious video from Matt.

All ranting aside (oh I have a lot to rant about), I am just struggling to understand: Previously Google said all you need for Disavow analysis was Google Webmaster Tools backlink report. Since then we've had a lot of complaints (and seen that with our own eyes) that Google's backlink reports are slightly different each time you download the data (which makes it kinda difficult to create an analysis)..

And now in sample bad links we see backlinks that haven't even been included in Google's report...

So are you helping (as you claim to) or hindering, Google?


Just went to look at that and

Just went to look at that and saw that the voting is closed.

I've seen that as well, Ann. When we do a site audit, we use four different tools to identify inbound links, and invariably, every one of them will unearth some links that the other three don't. But having an example given by Google would certainly make you expect it's one their system would identify.

I'm inclined to think there's something about their GWT crawler that allows a link here and there to appear one time and not, another. That's the only thing that seems to make any sense.

GWT Broken?

Throughout the past few years (and even more recently) I've reviewed hundreds of GWT accounts and have noticed MANY that seem to be very buggy. It's true, a lot of GWT accounts don't show even a small percentage of what lies beneath a site, especially when it comes to links.

Yeah, we discussed GWT

Yeah, we discussed GWT problems in one of the previous threads:

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