InfoSpace to Join the Mobile Search Race

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InfoSpace Joins Mobile Search Race
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Mobile Search is red hot right now, with 4info recently landing $8M in funding for it's mobile offering, Yahoo and Google both recently rolling out mobile search and a host of others now in the space, the heat is on.

MSNBC takes a look at InfoSpace's plans to join the party and covers the growing field of mobile search in the process.

InfoSpace will roll out a new mobile search engine designed for easier use than those offered by Google and Yahoo!, as well as new location-based services that use the company's massive library of local directory information.

as they note, the only major player without a mobile offering now is MSN, and that can only be a matter of time...


Moble Search Is Just Not Big In The USA

Infospace has actually been at this for quite a while and has partnerships in place isth Cingular/AT&T I believe.

Not sure it's much of a revenue driver right now and to me seems like a loss leader until local search takes hold which is still a good 2 years from practicality yet. The key to a good local search is getting all of the data sources and making them easy to update. Right now the phone book is still the best thing going.

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