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Dear Acoona
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Brian is pissed at crappy "search engine" - They're spamming his forums with "worthless pathetic attempts at viral marketing" - they've tried that here aswell Brian...

Really, what a way to market eh? Posting crap about yourself in ALL CAPS on public blogs and forums - hmmmm.... These MF'ers deserve to fail, if only for the consistent demonstrations of how utters stupid they are.

It takes a fair whack to make Brian lose his cool, so im guessing they've been particularly prolific in their silliness at his website...

Accoona forum spammers - go tell your dumb corporate marketers to at least learn something about online communities, not least how they work, before thinking it's big and clever to go about forum spamming.

That webmasters might try it on is one thing, but for a corporate body to try it? Sack your marketing team - they're a bunch of idiots.

Idiots indeed....


Spammed my forum too

I think this is the same company that was giving a way hot sauce at the SES NY conference. Not sure what it had to do with search. Wasn't sure what the mini cooper they were giving away had anything to do with it either.

Good luck recouping the costs of that Mini through forum spam...

Explained ... perhaps

hot sauce at the SES NY conference. Not sure what it had to do with search.

"Pickled brains", perhaps?

This having turned into the Golden Age of the Clueless Webmaster, why should search engines be any different? (Not that the long established players have ever struck me a being particularly bright.)

Maybe time for a Clueless Brainstrain Fiasco piece ...

Hey, hot sauce is more fun than imprinted pens!

Not so sure ...

Try writing an invoice with one ...

Now I remember...

giving a way hot sauce at the SES NY

Tried to strike up a conversation (yeah, pretty bored), asking Why they were different.

Walked off more confused, just as bored.

China SEO

Reminds me of an interaction I had with an SEO chap in mainland China, who was looking for help optimizing for Google in English in China. I have done a fair amount of close work with Chinese business owners and politicos, via friend associates. The culture is really quite different, but I've grown accustomed.

I was not prepared for the SEO "discussions" however. Completely different from what we all know to be SEO. Language was not part of his toolbox. I don't mean he didn't speak English -- he did. I mean word choice, semantics, "content" as we call it, was not involved. That was someone else's job. SEO to him was all about mechanics. Having now witnessed tireless, automated wiki spam coming out of China, going for days despite the fact that an automated wiki-spam-cleaner was right behind it, I can't imagine the future. I am not surprised to hear this.


Stupid question I'm sure, but I'll ask it anyway! lol

Is it really accoona spamming, or someone up to tricks? A new search engine spamming is gonna be dead in the water before it even gets started. Why do something so stoooooopid?

Same Here ...

Yup, Accoona have tried it on at Cre8asite Forums a few times too. Not terribly subtly either!


What IP are the spams coming from? Could it be traced back to a subcontracted idiot rather than a numpty on the payroll?


perhaps it was Clinton? (snigger)


Normally forum spamming is a form of 'little people against little people' - but can you imagine if the large corporate marketing bodies, with multi-million dollar budgets, thought this was a good idea?

That's what disturbs me the most about this - big people moving against the webmastering community.

As for IPs - I have one across three forums using, but then switched to

Even if it's just a couple of people, it's a co-ordinated policy with corporate backing, and that's not an idea I'd savour.

>the Golden Age of the Clueless Webmaster

Ain't that the truth, Fanto! It's horrific out there.


I can tell you that it's been on their minds. Since leaving WmW, I've been approached a couple of times about how to best leverage forums.

Blogocalypse is nigh

Yep - it used to be UseNet before (well, still is, actually, but that's nothing new). Now, having more or less missed out on the forum mega trend, the vultures are circling the blogosphere like crazy, with "blog marketing reports", "executive summaries on corporate blogging", etc. being pushed big time left, right and center.

So the trackback link spammer crowd's been at it for a while already, but then of course their big players have always been on the cutting edge of technology, so that's no surprise either.
(And I guess we all agree that the NOFOLLOW tag is little else but a pathetic attempt on the search engines' partz to place the spam fighting load squarely on the shoulders of the blogmasters, just like they've been doing it with impunity with the webmasters and content generators for years.)

And it's bound to get worse: once those corporate bozos find out that launching bogus blogs with fake comments databases won't cut the mustard, we can expect an onslaught (possibly with Acoon vying to become a trendsetter again) on all legit blogs. That will be the heyday of Peter's prospective "RSS consultant". And won't we love 'em for it!

Of course, what all this goes to show is that the search engines are losing the Spam Wars across the board ...


If corporate bodies want to work with online communities via blogs and forums, then that's one issue.

I've been moving one forum closer to a working relationship with publishing companies, because it benefits us all - members benefit by accessing early review material and exclusive author interviews - and the publishers get privileged access to market consumers.

I guess you could call it a form of Permission Marketing - so there are certainly marketing angles that could work.

But communities are communities - you've got to be seen to be part of the conversation to have a constructive impact on it. Aggressive methods such as forum spamming lie outside of that remit, and are hardly going to look good on any corporate public relations balance sheet.

If corporate marketers want to utilise communties to their best advantage, they need to develop a much better understanding of how they work than Accoona currently have.

Not clever enough to get away with it

The part I really like from Brian's post:

Some of them can even be clever or innovative about it and it can even work. But you are not that clever.

That's the truly funny part. If they were smart, they could potentially get away with murder. But they just don't give a shit.

It amazes me that Internet and tech companies don't hire marketing people with at least a cursory understanding of the tech and/or geek community.

well how stupid is it really?

SG had actually mentioned Acoona and decided it was crap three months before they came and spammed us. When they did we all ignored them totally and they've never been back. Then I forgot them totally.

Now we're talking about them and if anyone mentions them we'll know who they are. In six months we won't remember why but we will still know the name. Sometimes there really is no such thing as bad publicity.

Redefining marketing consultants

It amazes me that Internet and tech companies don't hire marketing people with at least a cursory understanding of the tech and/or geek community.

Couldn't agree more. But: what this requires is quite a bit of effort on the marketing consultants' part as well. First, they'll have to acquire the savvy. Second, they'll have to redefine themselves and their role hook, line and sinker. And third, they'll have to convince corporations to understand, endorse and pay for this "new" (well, sort of) approach.

All of which has always taken several years historically - vide how slow many major corps were in coming to terms with the concept of Internet marketing.

hot sauce vs. pens

Try writing an invoice with one ...

Try making salsa with a ballpoint pen... besides, I said hot sauce was more fun. What's "fun" about writing invoices?

Anyway, I'm high tech. I do invoicing on this newfangled thing called a computer these days... ;-)

And all that aside, I've been wandering beyond my usual internet haunts lately, and finding that forums are FULL of people who'd be unlikely to recognize forum spam if it walked up and slapped them.

Seem's like Acoona's biggest mistake on that angle is spamming forums where "in the know" people hang out.... stick with handing out hotsauce to webmasters, and do your forum spamming over at yahoogroups and ezboard.


Just to add, the same IP behind the original Accoona spamming is also trying to start a viral marketing campaign to promote chattering about Armand Rousso - who appears to be behind the Accoona search engine.

Smearing invoices for fun and profit

What's "fun" about writing invoices?

Hey, as a marketer I'd say it's a whole lot more fun writing invoices than paying them. Makes more sense in my particular economy at least, pen and all.

Plus, in our neck of the woods there are clients - or, rather, their accountants and tax people - who actually insist on handsigned invoices. Big improvement over cuneiform clay tablets we're into here these days, yeah. Wonder how they'd react if we wrote them up with salsa instead, heh.

As for those newfangled computer thingies - our local ISP's been so flakey the past 36 hours or so it takes me about 30 mins to load just about any bloody web page including their own. Guess I'll send them a complaint written with a REAL PEN for a change, not that they'll get the message, this bunch of deadwood illiterati. :-)

And yes, Acoona seems to be nothing but dead off the mark with their "marketing" (if you can call it that) efforts - next thing they'll launch an MLM six-by-six forced matrix scheme or something. Sigh. Just like ... And yecch.

Anyone checked Usenet spam yet re Acoon (“a coon”?) activities? Would certainly fit in with their mindset.


Accoona repeatedly sign up members to the same site for the same sad purpose: some will drop a link to Accoona first time; some will ask about Armand Russo first; some will ask about chess or women's chess; and others will ask about search engines in general...before each veers the thread to Accoona as a key discussion topic.

I run multiple forums in very diverse areas, and they just keep coming back like the undead, to post more "viral marketing" - the majority are posting from the IP, so if you use anything like vB or phpbb, it's easy to spot/track.

I've been tempted to block the IP or censor out the word, "Accoona" as originally promised - but I figure it's much better to leave "Accoona are spammers" threads up instead.


Just received an e-mail from Armand Russo - he says he's going to try find out who is responsible and get them to stop immediately.

yeah yeah, tell it to the judge...

heh :-)

They havn't been back here since i banned their account and told them that if they wanted to advertise they could fucking pay me...

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