Another Firefox Dev Moves to Google

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Welcome Brian!
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Ben Goodger welcomes Brian Ryner to the Google/FF clan, it really does make you wonder what they're up to eh? That's three or four FF dev's big G$ have under their belt now....

thanks dirson


extensions changes

XUL is so capable and so uterly non-M$, Google's activity in the FF space is fun. And of course it is always fun to look at changes made to FF post-G involvement with a conspiracy theory eye. From the latest update:

"You will be able to "point" to extensions which you are hosting elsewhere using a cross platform text format which is basically a text file with a GUID name in the extensions directory with a path to the directory where the Extension actually lives (e.g. elsewhere on a NFS home dir)"

Hmmm.... toolbar-like extensions. Nice.

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