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UPDATE: No More Invites! Im fed up with it now, i must have done around 100 and that's more than enough :-)

Ok, so i got my invite to Yahoo! 360, their new blogging/sharing network we reported on earlier this month and after a minimal play around with it i have a few thoughts.

First though, if you would like to try it then just send me a private msg here at TW with your email address, and i'll send them out. Then please come back here and give it a good grilling...

Initial thoughts...

First up, it was reasonably slick setting up and getting going, you can see my 360 blog here but i had some trouble with a couple of things:

  • 404's when i tried to msg back Tim, who invited me (thanks tim!)
  • I couldn't seem to put a live url in my posts
  • The interface could use a little work (i know it's vague, but i'll have to play a bit more to work out the details of my impressions)

On the plus side, once they work out the kinks, i'll invite my mum and sister, they'd love it and it'd be a pretty useful way for us to share photos and stuff...

Sorry, no more invites...



I dont like how they split up the posts and cut them off in the middle on the blog home page (they should allow the person making the post to split it up wherever they want to)

I do like the various levels of privacy and that sort of stuff


My biggest problem was intereacting between all the different services that Yahoo offers. They offer many useful services, I just wish they had a simple master page and a master navigation bar that remained constant. Here is a quick list:

Yahoo! 360
Yahoo! Address Book
Yahoo! Auctions
Yahoo! Autos
Yahoo! Business
Yahoo! Calendar
Yahoo! Classifieds
Yahoo! Dial
Yahoo! Domains
Yahoo! DSL
Yahoo! Finance
Yahoo! Games
Yahoo! GeoCities
Yahoo! HotJobs
Yahoo! Mail
Yahoo! Music
Yahoo! PayDirect
Yahoo! Personals
Yahoo! Photos
Yahoo! Search
Yahoo! Shopping
Yahoo! Small Business
Yahoo! Sports
Yahoo! Store
Yahoo! Travel
Yahoo! Visa Card
Yahoo! Web Hosting

Personal Photo

I upload an image as a personal photo and ...

Rejected - Please remove the photo and replace it with one that follows our photo guidelines.

Do not Post a Personal Photo if:
* you are not in it

Now they can filter images, I dont know how they are going to do this in the near future.

Might have some uses

I definitely want to see if or how this can be used among a group of people. I was literally just taking a look at Yahoo Calendar as a way to share dates to get a group of guys together to eat a hunk o' meat.

Six guys hitting 'reply all' -- we started back an forthing 8 days ago. That's a heck of a lot of e-mail crossing paths (and still no meat in sight). Would be nice to be able to work this in somehow.

Though family and friends might be the target demo, wonder what other possibilities there might be.

6 guys

Stay tuned, i might have something for you on that score very shortly jim :)

360 yahoo

I've activated my account but it seems to take some time to activate the simple linking so for the moment there will be no link.

I've been able to add where I've lived, where I've studied and one or two posts so far.

It's easy to use and the features I've mentioned above are specific to this one. Also interesting is the individual e-mail account that is included with the activation of the account.

Thanks for the Invite

This seems like it will be really cool if people will actually use it. A social network can only be successful if people use it consistently. I was on Orkut for a while and then dropped off due to inactivity of my network.

The more features they add (and integrate), the more likely it will have success. I wonder if this will have any integration with My Yahoo or other Yahoo services? I agree with goodroi. They need more integration with other services (but more importantly ones I use). In football season (American) I go to the Yahoo Fantasy Football page everyday. I use My Yahoo periodically for weather and my stock portfolio. And 2-3 times a month I check my Yahoo mail. If these things could all be integrated into 360, I would be much more likely to visit it frequently.

Pretty not bad so far.

Exceptional services, been diggin' and playin' the last 1/2 hr. or much wider than SEO's do ya think the social network grow? Great potential, and a very nice move by Y.

An update

If you have images in your documents folder and e-mail folder you'll be able to chose to share all those images immediatly. Not only this but you can also select whether friends, friends of friends or just you can see this. It's quite a powerful tool and I see we have at least 30 megabytes worth of space for images. More than anyone who likes to post images on their site. (discounting raw and BMP files)

I havnt tested out 360

but from looking at Nicks's 360 blog I have to point out something that always bugs eventhough many of you would care less : URL's!

They are god-damn awful! Not se friendly at all (except the main page), even the rss feed urls are ugly nevermind the permanent links. Blogger kicks so much ass in this section.

I guess everything else is ok (bear in mind I havnt tested it yet) - just recieved a n invite from Nick right now (thanks!) so I'll take it out for a spin now



I've got to say I'm pretty impressed: Orkut pales into insignificance compared to this (OK, so Orkut is so awful it's not hard to beat). I'm a little confused about the integration aspect: it seems to have a messanging capacity which is not my Yahoo Mail, I'm not sure if the photo-sharing is the same as Yahoo Briefcase...

The interface is understated and fits in well with the Yahoo style. It's fresh and clean. It is however rather confusing at first glance, with a wealth of options, not all of which are clear. I like the level of control of the personal information - you can use the blog for just communication between friends within your circle, for example.

I tried Orkut for a day or two but soon got put off by the constant connection failures and server errors, as well as the ugly interface. I think that Y360 is already far more polished, and I doubt that Yahoo will make the same mistakes as Google in terms for server tech. and reliability.

how about some coffee?

So thanks to Nick I'm in, and I'm having a good time playing around in 360, and it gets to be close to afternoon coffee time and what shows up in the message bar? A brief text hint with a yellow light bulb... it says "How about some coffee?"

The word coffee is a hyperlink and it leads to a Local Search for coffee houses in NYC, listed in distance from my location. Not bad, Yahoo!, not bad at all.

Note to Tim....

...since he might know:

Why can't I accept my invite? I get this silly "Sorry, page not found" page. Are the dutch (and belgians FTM) barred from this thing? Shame, as I was looking forward to it...

Looking into it

Hi Wit
I will find out for you. You may want to sign up for a Yahoo ID at .com and see if that works for you.

I already got me an ID...

...about eight months ago. I've been using MyYahoo for some time now and I got my invite via yahoo mail.

It just puzzles me, and puzzling is like tickling - you know: too long or too hard and it's no fun anymore...

My first impressions

Thanks to Nick W for the Yahoo! 360 invite. This is quite a simple service to use and it is relatively easy to set up a personalised content page and to get your blog up and running. I like the integration with other Yahoo! services, especially Yahoo! Messenger which I think needs to take more advantage of its website integration side.

Being a regular user of I find this service restrictive in that I have to use the basic template provided. The customability offered by is unlimited when using its template feature. Perhaps Yahoo! have plans to allow more custom layout, perhaps like My Yahoo! where you can change the colours, number of columns and layout, which at least allows for some individualism to creep in.

The social networking is a good idea and which I think has a good potential in league with the messenger service. If this is enough to make up for the lack of customability only time and Yahoo! will tell.

If anybody is still after an invite just visit my website through my profile link.

Anthony :-)

Nice idea

After playing with it, I will stick to my own communityserver installation. Once it gets to version 2 might be worth another look though. Thanks for the invite Nick

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