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Im not sure why TW member stuntdubl's RSS feed is not updating in my reader but thankfully graywolf posts about Mr Ploppy's Monday Tool List which has some very neat analytical gadgets to play with.

One such, that i keep meaning to post but consistently evades exposure to the light for reasons know only to itself is the C Class Backlinks Analyser that GW suggests you should never, ever use in combination with HubFinder and TouchGraph on a competitors site :)



I used that C class analyzer, and got scared at the figures it came up with... 11%- seems like I need to mix it up a bit more!

Finding C class IP providers

Problem is finding web providers who'll assign their subscribers enough C class IPs in the first place. It's a problem many of our clients encounter, even on dedicated or colocated servers.

So much so that we'll probably start soliciting applications from providers who meet our tech specs so we can recommend them to our client base.

If anyone here has an address or two they could point me too, I'd very much appreciate it.

ran a small test

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I just tried the C-class tool - it found some backlinks that does not exist, that's weird, but it's probably just an old listing or two from some search engine.

One domain i tested had around 40% and another around 60%, in the ratio of unique C classes to number of backlinks - both have a natural backlinks distribution, afaik.

I also tested - they had 75%. So, yes, 11% sounds low, but it could just be a large-ish site. The tool counts on-site links as backlinks too, which i suppose is right, but it does skew the metric anyway.

It does not find all backlinks, which is natural, as the search engines don't display all backlinks anyway. On one site it found less than 50% of those i know about.

Another issue is that with BBC only the first 1000 backlinks were tested, so for sites with a lot more than 1000 backlinks the number could be skewed (and we don't know in which direction).

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