Google Not Provided at 49 Pct; Over 70 Pct for Tech Sites


There is a pretty interesting report by BrightEdge saying that not provided is now at around 49 percent for most websites, while tech sites are now at over 70 percent. I looked at the stats for my own blog and it's over 71 percent now. Was only 45 percent last year.

Do you think this is because more people truly are logging into Google? Or is Google forcing the issue more and more?


Either way it is one of the

Either way it is one of the worst marketing tools they haqve stole from GA...and blamed it on privacy of all things.

I think you can still get on OK...

In most analytics accoutns, there is at least some amount of erronous data. Even if we had keyword data, it would not be entirely correct, since google suggest and other search words obfuscate the true query. I think you can still garner a lot of insights from doing a page level advanced segment, so you can make inferences about the performance of your top pages against ecommerce, goals , engagement, from the organic search channel on those pages.

Maybe I have google stockholm syndrome but I think that taking the focus away from individual keywords and looking at pages helps to keep people from obsessing over just a few keywords and focused on all the key factors for building up well optimized quality pages. I think that dimension in GA is not a gurantee of online marketing or SEO insight, all by itself.


my seo blog is at over 90%

My not provided is at 93ish% for Although that is what is telling me not google analytics itself.

However my readership is heavily skewed towards tech savy SEO types who are probably always logged into their google accounts and using chrome.

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