Digital democratisation: let’s not imagine that we are voting


Chris Clarke has a very thoughtful piece on how internet is making everything sh*t

I love the style and tone of it and some of the conclusions make you think:

As organisations built of teams that grasp every aspect of the digital world, we are in the right place to understand the human implications of technology and to help companies understand them too. A brand, an agency and a great idea together can be agents for economic regeneration, as long as we recognise that this, rather than disruption for its own ends, should be our aim.If technology can create real economic value for the few, it can create equivalent value for the many. During the past three years, the American Express-backed Small Business Saturday shopping event has generated $5.5bn in consumer spending and come to the attention of 67% of people in the US. That is a brand identifying a problem and using its scale to do something to help.