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BlogLines Update: The Universal InBox
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I've been thinking about the news that Bloglines have incorporated package tracking since it broke yesterday. The thing is, i just can't make up my mind on it...

I just noticed John Battelle talking about it and i presume that a rough translation of "i can't quite grok this" would mean he doesn't get it either? Probably.

I can't find anything negative to say about it, but then i can't find anything particularly positive about it, and it's for that reason that im going to go out on a limb say that ultimately, the portalization of bloglines, and that must be what this is leading to, just wont work.

I can't say why, call it a feeling, but it's like it's losing something, not gaining.....


Diluting the usage

Probably because it stops doing the thing it does really well, keeping people uptodate on their regular reading.

I don't see it as a 'personaly tool', I just see it as a way of keeping track of the 15 or so blogs/information feeds I keep track of regularly, and the other 15 or so more casual reads.

If I want to track a parcel, I think I'd just go to the site of the shipper and track it from there.

And I'm not keen on changing stuff in Bloglines all the time, I don't 'interact' with it a huge amount. I add feeds, then read them and click through to links. Not a lot of maintenance, which I don't want to be doing anyway.

I agree about the portal-ization of RSS...

...but Bloglines is getting far too sluggish for that task.

What have they added?

Is it an RSS feed that they've added, in which case users could add them themselves.
Or is it just a standard Fedex etc tracking form, in which case, why?

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