MSN Search April Fools

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Ways to fool your friends
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pick a stereoype, or create your own, click the button and voila, instant personalised SERPS.


Note how they don't dare... make it look genuine :-]


looks pretty authentic to me, the only (major) difference is the results don't scroll to the rightmost edge.

it was from the msn blog

so I presume it's official, it just has to be super obvious idiot proof stamped so the readers don't get confused :)

Genuine looking

It looked good enough to fool my friends so that is genuine-looking enough for purpose ;O)

Just me

Perhaps I'm being a little slow today but I don't see anything odd, even on that link.

Or perhaps the post is just a little too brief and assuming.

Just you

damieng, I think it might be just you ;O) Fill out your friends details then submit, get spoofed results, send friend link, we all point and laugh at the "funny" results with your friends name sprinkled through them describing compromising situations..

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